Basic Income

Early retirements, indefinite pensions, and disability fraud represent the future of tacit socialism

No longer can socialism be married to welfare, which for decades was a dog whistle for welfare queens. As Trump's ascendancy makes clear, social programs are now everybody's business. The next step, then, is to de-politicize it with Basic Income. We have to get rid of our guilt about relying on machines to give us food, clothing, and shelter for life at the cost of about 1 month of human labor.

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Early retirements, indefinite pensions, disability fraud, creative class passive income, and middle-class trust funds

All of this represents the culmination of unceasing GDP growth, and we can't withhold sharing the benefits that much longer.

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What will we do with Basic Income? We'll play games, we'll improve ourselves, and we'll build community

Not to survive, but to thrive.