(Credit: Keller Holmes)
About Phil Dhingra

I'm an independent writer and app developer. My latest book is Character & Chemistry and my latest app is Nebulous Notes, an iOS text editor for Dropbox. You can see the rest of my apps here.

Available for speaking gigs. Email me.

Notable Projects:

Books Appearances Popular Posts iOS Apps Web Sites/Apps
  • 3D Porch is the No. 1 3D-Photo sharing site, and was featured by CNN
  • RealOrFake3D.com is a handy list for separating the real 3D films that were shot/rendered natively in 3D from the fake ones that weren't.
Web Specials Web Design
  • My go2 flash demo was played on CBS MarketWatch
  • Adobe "Design Award" Winner in ThinkQuest '98 for EgyptWorld ($20,000 scholarship)
  • Finalist in ThinkQuest '97 for The Sciences Explorer ($1,000 scholarship)
  • Initial selection in the Slashdot re-design Contest
Game Design
  • Bronze Medalist in the "Audio" category for Darwinphony, my entry in Ludum Dare 24
  • Design Engineer on The Sims: Life Stories, which received PC Gamer's Editor's Choice
Painting Hiring
  • Took Mutual Mobile from 20 to 40 employees in its early growth stage. It's now the largest mobile consulting company in the world.
  • Stanford President's Scholar and Bachelors in Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Biographical Tidbits:
  • 30 years old
  • My dad's from India, my mom's from Philippines.
  • I have an older brother.
  • They live in San Diego, where I was raised
  • Currently live in Austin, TX
  • Spent 2000-2006 in Silicon valley