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Shouldn't science be helping us more than hurting us? Through the strange results of a computer hacking accident, I discovered a way to combine Time Cube with Astrology.

I think the best way to explain this is by telling a story.

Four thousand years ago on the plains of Assyria, the seer Ahurada had a vision of the land transformed through the organized effort of humans. He saw cities rising from the bounty gained from farming. After telling people about farming, they could not understand what he was talking about. Ahurada was soon banished from his tribe and left to wander the plains alone. Then one day, when Ahurada was older and almost ready to depart the Earth, a lone youth found him and listened to Ahurada's vision word-for-word. After Ahurada passed away, the lone youth, incidentally named Abraham, introduced farming to the world. After farming, soon came cities, and soon art, and philosophy, and the rest is history.

Today, another seer, Gene Ray, has had a similar earth-shattering vision known as Time Cube. His vision is highly controversial, and Gene Ray is under attack from the academic elite. Ray is very busy defending Time Cube, so it is up to people like me to turn his vision into a reality.

Trying to summarize Time Cube would lead to the same problems that Ahurada had. But I will try to give a tiny portion away. Time Cube states that there are actually four days in what we consider a single day: If this doesn't make complete sense right away, that is okay. It took me a few years to unlearn my academic mindset and open up to a different way of thinking. Once you learn Time Cube, though, it is just as inspiring as learning farming was for our ancestors.

I have been a computer programmer since I was a little boy. Most programmers are interested in making things like Microsoft Word. I've always strayed from the pack, looking for parts of computers that don't quite add up. Through various hacking experiments, I've come up with results, mostly in numbers, that are simply astounding. Half of the code for my Time Cube Astrology is in a "black box" because of its mysterious origin.

I became independently wealthy during the dot-com boom of the late nineties. I didn't know it at the time, but I was applying Time Cube principles to my business which helped me go public. The company has since been bought-out, so now I have free time to bring Time Cube to the rest of the world.

Get your numbers now.

Or you can read more about Gene Ray's Time Cube here.


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