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FROM:   TINJ      DATE:   Feb 25 11:22 PM

Hey there. Are you pursuing "enlightenment" at all? If not, why not?

Not pursuing it isn't a waste of time. You will develop concentration and calm, but these are the first level of meditation.

FROM:   Ar      DATE:   Feb 21 2:47 PM

I think like no name!

But I want to add; ¿What about the Mennonites?

Today they have blood problems, because purity!

An today they accept people from outside his community!

Everyday we can learn something!


FROM:   Mike      DATE:   Feb 21 11:55 AM

After playing through the entirety of Bioshock 2 in one sitting, I went out for dinner. It was dark by the time I finished and when I walked outside I freaked out that I was going to drown, being at the bottom of the ocean and all.

FROM:   Ezra      DATE:   Jan 23 7:22 AM

Haha, can't imagine what my Read on Wiki would look like.

FROM:   Ezra      DATE:   Jan 23 7:16 AM

I need this book

FROM:   Ezra      DATE:   Jan 23 7:01 AM

Wow, amazing that acidocalcisomes may have been conserved between prokaryotes and eukaryotes from their evolutionary roots in LUCA.

FROM:   Ezra      DATE:   Jan 23 6:27 AM

Very interesting. The diazepam dose used must have been low (1-5 mg) or clinical observations required to meet "discernable effect on anxiety" must have been very lax. 20 mg oral diazepam will sedate many non-drug tolerant patients to the point of sleep.

FROM:   JB78      DATE:   Dec 27 10:01 PM

Haha, thanks, I'll see how that works from now on. :)

FROM:   Phil Dhingra      DATE:   Dec 20 11:54 AM

Hmm, I wonder if the trick is to present parts of your life in very vague and ambiguous terms.

How was your day?

"Eh, you know, same ol' same ol'" which is hard to problem-solve on.

FROM:   JB78      DATE:   Dec 20 7:41 AM

As a man, I've had this problem often in my relationships. It seems that conversational triggers are different for men and women. Often times, my girl asks me how my day was and it wasn't great, but it's under control. She then proceeds to give me all kinds of unsolicited advice, many times silly for lack of understanding the situation, about what I need to do to fix that part of my life. I am now stuck in a position where they make me think about a bad but already resolved issue much more than I want and then, I need to validate them for caring so much to have given such "great" advice.

Guys don't do that. They know from conversational clues immediately when I want advice and when I am just saying something sucks but I already know exactly how I will deal with it.

How can I change my speech patterns so that these girls I care about stop giving unwanted advice?

FROM:   Phil Dhingra      DATE:   Dec 5 3:18 AM

I brought this up among my liberal friends, and it stirred up very positive reactions. You are right though, this is mostly about foreign policy:

From the New Yorker -- Setting aside Gingrich’s admirable refusal to endorse dispatching Texan grandmothers back to Guadalajara, the only real departures from Republican orthodoxy came from Ron Paul, who was in fine fettle. Time and again as the debate went on, I found myself writing down his statements in my notebook. Here are some of them:

On the Patriot Act: “I think the Patriot Act is unpatriotic because it undermines our liberties.”
On the war against terrorism: “We are using loose language. I don’t remember voting on a declaration of war.”
On the Middle East: “Israel has two hundred to three hundred nuclear weapons. They can take care of themselves. Why do we have this automatic commitment to send our money and kids to Israel?”
On the failure of the super committee: “We are in big trouble, and nobody wants to cut anything. The biggest threat to our national security is our financial position. This is just aggravating it.”
On the war on drugs: “I think that’s another war we should cancel…. The federal war on drugs is a total failure.”
On Perry’s proposal to establish a no-fly zone over Syria: “Why don’t we mind our own business.
Hitherto, I admit, I haven’t taken Paul very seriously. On domestic issues such as social welfare, commercial regulation, and central banking, his free market nihilism leaves me cold. But on some non-economic issues, he has a knack of identifying and querying the assumptions on which members of his own party, but also many Democrats, base their policy recommendations.

FROM:   David Lewis      DATE:   Dec 5 12:26 AM

Well, consider me a liberal friend, and I DO NOT respond favorably to Ron Paul. Have you actually read his positions -- all of them?

Yes, he's good on getting out of wars and staying out -- that's where he appeals to liberals. And he sounds good on personal liberty. But it's so extreme that chaos would ensue if we actually tried to implement what he says. And guess who wins when there is chaos -- not the 99.9%.

But on everything else, he is either deluded or parroting made-up Repub talking points -- or both.

FROM:   Phil Dhingra      DATE:   Dec 1 1:58 PM

The delineation to me is ultimately not as important as movie experience quality. I believe you cannot get the full immersive effects of a 3D environment if it's fake. I understand it's a gray area, perhaps, with some elements being native and others being fake.

Ultimately, the hesitation to go native is the director of photography's lack of familiarity with stereography, and we need the industry to learn the new cameras quickly before people are turned off completely from 3D and we have to wait another 10 years for the next 3D wave (without glasses), rather than holding onto the 3D wave we have now.

FROM:   Greg      DATE:   Dec 1 12:43 PM

Films are no longer simply 3D native or converted. Most films are now hybrid with some shots converted and some in native 3D. Making things even more complex is that many films have single shots that contain many layers. Some of these layers may be native and some may be converted. This is certainly the case in most most recent blockbusters. This makes the discussion of "fake" versus native a lot more complex.

Clearly, there are examples of bad conversions. There are also some examples of bad native 3D. This discussion is not unlike the controversy in the 1980's of moving away from physical models into CGI. A lot of people hated CGI as "fake". The first film to use all CGI instead of models was Last Starfighter. Today, CGI is normally used instead of models and is successful in films such as District 9. The reason this is relevant is that not all shots can be captured natively at this time. Issues with differing specular highlights, reflections, particles too close to the rig or just lacking the option since the master may be archival footage (such as in parts of Hugo).

FROM:   Petri      DATE:   Nov 29 1:36 PM

Companies like Legend3D saw a juicy opportunity when 3D movies were making pots of money but studios couldn't make real 3D films quick enough to profit from the boom. So conversion shops stepped in and shovelled tons of BS at clueless producers who bought the hyperbole hook, line and sinker. It really grinds my gears to see conversion companies say things like "conversion can be as good or superior to stereo camera capture". Superior, really? Rrright...

FROM:   Petri      DATE:   Nov 29 1:27 PM

Legend 3D did 78 minutes of 2D-to-3D conversion for Transformers 3:

But I certainly agree that it shouldn't be compared to Clash of the Titans when it comes to 3D. As for the real/fake table on top of the page... I would probably list is as Real instead of Fake.

FROM:   Phil Dhingra      DATE:   Nov 29 1:22 PM

Please read the footnote on realorfake3d:

"However, between one-third to one-half of is converted, with 78 minutes converted from Legend3D. All of the CGI was converted, which may not be a problem in most movies, but considering the transformers are the stars of the film, if they're not rendered natively in 3D (which should be the case with all 3D CGI), then viewers are kind of not getting the real deal."

And keep in mind, the studios have been mounting an aggressive campaign to whitewash fake 3D. This is how they've been making their real money the past two years. I'm one guy, with no real financial incentive. I want 3D (real 3D) to succeed, and poor 3D films are ruining the future of the technology.

FROM:   Josh      DATE:   Nov 29 1:18 PM

I know I am slitting hairs here, but for the purposes of this data I think its unfair to say Dark of the Moon is Fake 3D.

Even films shot in stereoscopic 3D go through a post process that cleans things up, but even considering that OR a few scenes that may have been post converted (I don't know of any) this film was shot in stereoscopic 3D. While the film as a whole fell sort of flat, there are some really amazing 3D elements - certainly doesn't go in the same trashy 3D category as Clash of the Titans.

From Michael Bay -

"Wow, I read these morons on the internet who think they are in the know. "We have problems with our 3D????" Really? Come into my edit room and I will show you beautiful 3D. There has never been a live action show that has pushed the boundaries of 3D like Transformers 3. We shot the entire movie with 3D cameras. I actually loved shooting in 3D.


And don't watch this movie in 2D, we made it for 3D."


FROM:   Petri      DATE:   Nov 29 9:53 AM

Josh, Transformers 3 is not 100% native S3D. Plenty of sources agree that it's at least partly converted. Some say most of the live action stuff is converted while others report that all the CGI footage and scenes combining CGI with live action plates were converted. I think Phil's site listed it as "Hybrid" instead of Real or Fake 3D.

FROM:   Josh Wood      DATE:   Nov 28 7:07 PM

Transformers Dark of the moon was shot in 3D - or "Real" 3D.

FROM:   h      DATE:   Nov 27 5:38 PM

I thought Deathly Hallows was legitimately filmed in 3D. Thats waht I was hearing

FROM:   Alex      DATE:   Nov 27 4:38 PM

Played bust a move for like a day with a bunch of friends when I was like 10? Practically hallucinating for the rest of the day...

Oh and of course any game with a constant health bar/stamina bar/money counter just seems to stay in my periphery for a while

FROM:   Petri      DATE:   Nov 27 4:23 PM

"I think moviegoers sense this intuitively." That's exactly what I've been saying for a while now! And although I've seen some recent blockbusters where converted 3D appears to work pretty well for the most part, there's no getting rid of an odd feeling that something is missing, something is out of whack. Spider-Man reboot proved that shooting in 3D does not have to cost more or take longer than shooting in 2D, so Hollywood producers, why not shoot in native 3D if you know you're going to release the movie in 3D?

FROM:   Phil Dhingra      DATE:   Nov 23 3:16 PM

Good connection! Guess there's a reason they call it a "flash" of inspiration.

FROM:   Bob      DATE:   Nov 23 12:22 AM

Salvador Dali recommended "slumber with a key", where you held a key in your hand that would drop on a ceramic plate as soon as you fell asleep--thus waking you immediately after you had that weird awake/sleep transition. So maybe there is something there, a way of accessing the unconscious after all...

FROM:   Pablo Cruz      DATE:   Nov 22 8:33 AM

...or temporarily lucid.

FROM:   Mnyorej      DATE:   Nov 13 7:22 AM

The word eugenics has been corroborated to the extent that any use of it in our contemporary word will be like reminding people of the Nazi killing. Eugenic, etymologically, means: eu-good. and genes-genes. it simply means good birth. I personally don't see anything bad by having good races. Plato was indeed a eugenicist, and he was the positive-eugenicist. His main idea was to find the best race, the best people for the society. This is what most of the people would go for. Many of us, this is a fact, are eugenicists in one way or another. take the simple example of marrying. people go for "goo" wives, and/or husbands. no one would like to have a poor breed. Plato was a human-being who wanted the good for his society. I finally say that there is nothing wrong with Plato as a eugenicist. however, we should not that from the etymology of the word, eugenics as a whole, Plato was not. This will be like asking whether Aristotle was a Thomist. eugenics, as a terminology was coined by Galton.

FROM:   Davids      DATE:   Oct 17 1:37 AM

Hi Phil

So true. They are working on devices that we will attach to our self in some way that will be used to stimulate inner workings allowing us to live out some fantasies. In a way to learn how to lucid dream will do the same but the virtual machine is internal to each. In a different way it does the same thing we just need to write our own script as well. That's so much more powerful than popping in "virtual DVD" and living out someone else's fantasy.

Ok, the lucid dreaming route is more involved and takes more practice and self discipline. On the upside though lucid dreaming can be used for so many other things such as self discovery, self growth, problem solving and lots more.

Sounds like you took to lucid dreaming easily, I had to work at it starting off but once I got going it became easier.

Good luck with your book. Keep us posted with the details of the end result

All the best.

FROM:   Ricky      DATE:   Oct 10 4:11 PM

Where is the pre-order link?

FROM:   Bill      DATE:   Oct 5 3:14 PM

You must get your information from the Church of Scientology itself. The truth is that Scientology has collapsed. Check out the ARIS surveys 2001 and 2008. Scientology in the U.S. went from an estimated 55,000 to 25,000. It is even less now. The Internet, Google and Anonymous have had a devastating effect on that little cult, not that the church will admit it.

No, Scientology is NOT expanding and its techniques do NOT result in any significant benefits.

FROM:   Darren      DATE:   Oct 4 8:01 AM

Love the Wang Chung video! Been a long time. Its amazing what you can find on Youtube these days. I miss the old MTV that actually had something to do with Music.

FROM:   Jeremy      DATE:   Sep 29 9:09 AM

there's two sides to us. both sides have multiple faces. on one hand, you have your socialized self. in my case, his name is Jeremy. Jeremy presents to the world a multiplicity of faces, depending on the situation and the people he encounters. jeremy is sometimes upset, jeremy is sometimes happy, jeremy is sometimes at peace.

then there's the other side. the side that moves the trajectory of faces that is Jeremy. the force that moves my fingers to the keyboard, that mechanism that control the muscles and muscle memory. this self is mutable, and thus allows for Jeremy to have his many faces. but at the same time, this self does not have the capacity to feel anger, or even happiness. all a "force" can really be is... there. everyone has a different name for it, but it is in everyone. god, soul, spirit, heaven, brahman, that which propels the trajectory of your socialized self.

i dig where you guys are coming from. its a rough feeling, like being torn on both sides while walking highwire. on one side, i despise that most people are so stuck in this shell of a self, their socialized self. they dont see that there's more than just their problems and desires. on the other hand, being a hermit sucks ass. i get lonely. but when you share ideas like this with most (especially where I live in Southern America) they look at you with a mixture of confusion and mockery.

good luck fellow highwire walkers ! : )

FROM:   Buy mobile phones      DATE:   Sep 23 11:47 AM

you tube rocks i cant live without you tube and music

FROM:   Anon      DATE:   Sep 22 12:20 PM

Yes because you can't video chat with an android, or anything other than an iphone for that matter. All hail steve jobs

FROM:   Allyn      DATE:   Aug 10 1:00 AM

I mostly agree with you on the whole ignorance is bliss thing. sometimes you get to the point when you know to much your mind begin to bleed.

FROM:   ezra      DATE:   Jun 30 6:00 AM

Haha somebody can't use italics

FROM:   ezra      DATE:   Jun 30 5:50 AM

Well if Wordsworth did it, I'm all over this!

FROM:   ezra      DATE:   Jun 30 5:46 AM

Treme's great! My only problem with it is this: after every other episode I'm left with a vacuous feeling of "did anything [i]really[/i] happen?" So it goes with character-driven stories I suppose. Compare this to Game Of Thrones where the plot is seemingly advanced a billion times every episode.

FROM:   Eleanor      DATE:   Jun 20 7:44 AM

Look forward to more information as I start to practice on a regular basis.

FROM:   MARIA      DATE:   May 23 4:22 AM

Hi, I stumbled across your website today after googling 'motivated talents'. I had also seen the MAPP article a while ago. I love your postings.. including this. I will definitely be a regular visitor.

FROM:   Chaprak      DATE:   May 15 7:11 PM

I think Ive had it backwards too. Interesting !

FROM:   Roger      DATE:   May 9 9:20 PM

Nice post, Phil!

FROM:   Phil Dhingra      DATE:   May 9 12:18 PM

"willpower" is exactly right. We don't have the willpower to say no to spending a few extra bucks, if it means getting the most we think we can get out of that movie.

FROM:   Michael W      DATE:   May 9 9:59 AM

I saw Thor in 3D not because I wanted to, but because the 7:45 showing at the Alamo Village happened to be convenient.

I enjoyed the movie as much as other marvel studios films that have come out recently (which is to say I thought it was a fun "popcorn" flick), however the 3D only detracted from the experience. Even at the Alamo the projection felt "dark". The 3D in the film was the stereotypical "pop up book" effect one would see in most post converted films and was terrible distracting.

Avatar, Coraline, and Toy Story all used the effect remarkably, so much so that watching the films recently in 2D made me actually miss the effect. So it can be done well. I guess we are at the mercy of the studios and our own willpower to hold out for films that are either 2D or real 3D.

FROM:   Nick      DATE:   May 9 3:17 AM

Don't get your hopes too high; "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" has a lot of fake 3D mixed in with the real 3D. It's not a good sign when there's a "halo" of far-off cave that's at the same depth as someone talking in the foreground...

FROM:   cinema lausanne      DATE:   Apr 30 7:08 PM

As a European, I love the American culture. And frankly, highly competitive mentalities such as in Italy and in France, seems to be worse here in Europe than in the US....

FROM:   Guru      DATE:   Apr 26 8:09 PM

Very cool man. Do you know about the DNA service started by some of our Stanford friends back in Loro? Forgot the name.

FROM:   ezra      DATE:   Mar 31 12:16 AM

Wow, $100 only. Well, the bad news (or good news, if you have unfavorable results) is that these tests can't truly predict genetic diseases. There's a long path between your sequenced DNA, expression of genes, and actual presentation. Some genetic diseases with high penetrance/expressivity (Huntington's for example, htt gene) can be predicted fairly accurately. The more immediately useful results involve carrier status as it relates to reproductive screening. Who can you mate with? Duchenne muscular dystrophy (x-linked), cystic fibrosis (autosomal recessive), tay-sachs (autosomal recessive) come to mind. Newborn screening as well. If something's wrong with your newborn, what could it be?

Hmm, also "Likely Sprinter." Not sure what they mean with this, but they may be hinting that your leg muscle mass should be relatively high in type II "fast twitch" as opposed to type I "slow twitch, efficient." If this is so, then it suggests you may be a better short distance sprinter than a marathon runner (cross-country). Then again, "Likely Sprinter" might just mean you have favorable genetics for running in general.

FROM:   memar mag      DATE:   Mar 24 6:41 AM
RE:   I <3 Aiko


FROM:   Email templates      DATE:   Mar 16 12:33 PM

I've been curious about getting this done as well after I saw something similar to this on a tv series on the physicist Michio Kako where they analyzed the real age of every part of his body. I completely agree with you on the anxiety that comes with finding out the potential risk you may have of diseases before opening up that email!

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