Follow the black brick road
Blogging's like open-source living  
Somewhat, there's no commenting feature really
  well, there's commenting, but there's no collaboration.
Maybe wiki's'll be the medium that bridges our consciousness.
  Bridging Consciousness  
Women (and men as well)
Bridge consciousness when they have automatic resonses
Okay, I'm not a male   to each other, like empathy and what not
chauvanist, it's just short-hand
let's say, okay, compasion like if I smile in front of a woman, she'll smile as well
ate people   and like, two people, the issues is, how tight is nthe
yeah, empathetic 
the abilty to feel what others feel
Anyways, yeah, so you feel that
How tight the synchronicity, is how merged thet wo are
As a SIDE NOTE     perfect synchronicity, as the Church wants
I first started out with 1+1 = 3     2 become 1
    1 + 1 = 1
1+1=3 Synergies    
1+1=2 Axiomatic Universe   So, then, like, wtf OKAY
  1+1=1 Love, Unity  
    So, two becomes one when they are perfectly synchro
  Excelish   case of marriage
Maybe tree approach is better   share housing, share schedule, vote the same way, possibly?
Another benefit Start from the top, and expand in both rows and And this is how we get the NEW sex   Well, there is no such thing as perfect merging.
is not having to say colomns, each idea gets its own column and row
"ANYWAYS" We need a way to measure the amount of   Let's look at cells  
but somehow there will be overlap synchronicity between two things
because digression is the norm and ideas will fall out   our brain is a bunch of cells, and we have one brain, one mind
and that may become interesting And that leads to measuring (or a society of the mind) Programs Hacking Programs
  synchronicities in the whole world I love the Matrix
    And, but yet, we'd say that all the cells are independent  
  Some sort of scale, or something Each cell has its own soul Recursive Souls  
I'm so meta   And we can see how well is the global conscious  
  (the results may be surprising) And yet, there is great coordination between the cells  
    Just like our society.  
Thank you Excel Another reason we need more  
(Interesting, they mapped together) visulazations for things If we could measure that coordination  
    And visualize it  
    Maybe people would see, the global mind.  
This is more how my mind thinks      
In a matrix, in a free-floating associatve universe     And the idea of being able to simultaneously know the method  
    SINGULARITY   and change the method, is the essence of the Singularity  
SCREW WRITING              
Direct Control  
Manual Booting  
If we know the network theory about things, and we know the natural laws  
And we transcend those laws, and bring in artificial laws  
Then we have more control  
And what is the matrix?
Which is what the Singularity's about, human control over the universe.             Control.