They should have
open-source wave maker I thought about this when I was younger
A device to produce an
and other bands
Software-based wireless
Action I bet there's an easy way to do this We also need variable input devices
Draw a picture Take a . Like take my touchstream keyboard
like a finger-touch screen
and have a dual-monitor setup I should be able to not only re-program those buttons
and one one monitor, you lay it flat, and put buttons but re-program what's on them.
on it
and then you just make it a bunch of input interface
OR yeah, part of ISIS labs
Software-based input device (it'd be cool if we could have nobs)
What about 2 cursors Then you could do
that's easy to do. Djing software
(maybe have one for your feet) like slidable knobs, and you just program them
or for single Or press other buttons, out comes a color
click that'd be sweet, rather than having to use the mouse everytime