Stream of Consciousness   Anything you're aware of
  Heard Dialog in your head  
  Dangerish Heed warning More like feeling, raw   What is awareness?
    Anything you can feel, has a visualization, tangible
    Present, it appears present
    But, can't you notice things?
    like, I'm aware that I'm doing something because I'm horny
        How does the river mind Like, why wouldn't I?
  like? That's what it is?
    Well, like I'm aware of that, I guess, you can be more aware of things that others.
    What is inactive
      Issues with Excelish  
    you can't really go all over the place
  and it's not, well I'm just new to it
  but like
if I wanted to insert a block somewhere, I'd have to
insert new rows there
insert new columns there
and then that could interrupt the flow of things
I guess I'll find out right.
Maybe it remains linear, you insert rows
columns for cohesive subjects
Yeah, if you want to do column data, then, and you expand in that realm
you have to make sure that all the columns are of the same
data type
you know, that's why they have separate sheets for stuff
because everything follows the same column data and row types
Although you could start in the center
and just keep adding stuff
let's see..  
  Page 6
  Page 5
  START Page 1
  Page 3ish
Page 4
Like a spiral
Page 7
  it's very sandboxy
But you know what, you'll see when you start doing stuff right
NO NEED to analyze too much while you're in it right now
yeah, it's stressing me out.