on HBO
  Reality Show
  Directed by Soderburg
  the Washington DC World
  of political Consultants
Filmed with handhelds
features half real-life people
James Carville x Campaign Consultant Superstar
Mary Matalin x Hosted crossfire, political socilite
Wag the Dog Why I like it?
  Innovative   Dramatic   Relevant  
I'm sitting here and its like Soderbergh, Clooney Shows are filmed the week before
it makes noise and stress they are masters they are shown.
this is basic "drama" schtick And they all revolve around current events
most of the conversation
is minutae that I can't follow I just like it, what can I say The first episode was the best
Howard Dean
and trying to follow these interactions asked for a debate preparation
is taxing, but engrossing at the same time
and we got to see from the inside
it's more like real life how some strategy and consulting
where 80% of what's said is junk
but it's the feeling, the rhythm   made its way into a debate
the people's faces   and translated into political capital
the settings that matter  
not the actual dialog, but the  
emotion, the power differentials  
  Translation from some pow-wows
  to political capital
  What is politics
  abstract terms
  the allocation of scarce resources
Where all the Supernodes hang out  
  and what are human social skills based on
  the negotiation of scare resources.
  The book linked  
    you got
  is all about  
  people to whom we are separated by networks     hunters
  only a few degrees of separation     gatherers
    how we are connected     horders
    (Kevin Bacon)     feeders and these are all taken care of.
    for example on average, if we all have     victims
    200 connections  
    then the world is separated   human evolutionary psychologists
    by 6 degrees   would claim
      that our advanced thinking skills
    Supernodes   come from our ability to mediate
        the distribution of resources among ourselves.
  These DC politicos
are the supersocial
they are the ultimate at mediate negotiation and compromise among resources
after the hunter brought back the food at the tribe
they would be the one, the most popular ones, the ones who wolud
  integrate everybody together to distribute resources
  Now, they don't necessarily distribute fairly
And this is why women (and men) look for "charm" in the opposite sex
  You are watching this program, and thinking
  man, these people are wheeling
    and dealing each other
Social skills
Charm is a keyword for  
In my mind I'm thinking, shit, I'd be so
stressed out by that activity
They are wired in such a way, so as to master this
complex exchange
they are also tall, handsomish, have
They put Howard dean on there, and he was
chatting it up, you know, like Mr. Popular
Making them laugh
Everybody could be the life of the crowd
they knew how to smooth the nodes out
get the most flow around, they are the ultra-connected
  everybody knows somebody who knows somebody
Their whole business model is in being a rolodex soldier
A lot of the show is on the phone.