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Self-Improvement Methods

An inventory of self-improvement methods that I've kept up for more than a year, as of Dec 2018. A "¹" means its inactive.



Do something deliberately

Repeatedly invoke a system

100%-compliance rules

Appropriate uses of writing

Frictionless timers

"Laziness is good"

March-to-your-own-beat health practices

Do something here that leads to something there


Self-imposed carrots-on-stick

Do the small, easy steps first

Place objects where you want them to remind you

Definition of method

method: a neologism for any mantra, system, shortcut, life-hack, or idea that you repeat in your head in order to bring about a desired behavior.

method abuse: when you repeat a method so much that it does more harm than good.

Methods are like programs you run in your brain. They operate much like daemons, which are continuously running programs, like servers.

Self-improvement methods are also similar to method acting, whereby an actor summons a memory or trigger in order to have their behavior naturally match the emotions that a scene requires.

Component definition: conscious, obsessional, imperative thinking

Habits vs. methods

Habits aren't the same as methods. For example, I have a habit of organizing my bed every day. Even though I don't want to, most of the time, I nudge myself to do it every day, and it happens that I make my bed every day. I have no rule that I need to do it; it's just that it bothers me when I see it messy. Habits are natural and self-renewing, whereas a method occurs when you have to make a conscious and deliberate effort to renew the practice.