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The Great Switch

Global superpowers shape the world in their image. The Dutch gave us the joint-stock corporation. The French gave us philosophy and culture. The English, their language. The Spanish, their glory. For more than half-a-millennia, the West has dominated the world, and likewise, duplicated its culture a million times over across the globe. But what will happen when it's the East spreading its culture?

Will we be members of a surveillance state like in China? Will the Bill of Rights be shredded? Will dissension be suppressed and lead to single-party rule of government?

Likewise, will infrastructure costs match Asia's? Will the cost of building subways and roads come down to the order of millions of dollars, as opposed to hundreds of millions of dollars? Will litigation decrease? Will city council meetings with never-ending Q&A with wacko citizens become a thing of the past? Will education levels and literacy become more consistent across the country?

China's language, mannerisms, politics, consumer goods, and ideas will now be our world. Are we prepared to integrate these ideas? Every culture will have to decide whether to adapt or resist.

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