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Being a pick-up artist increases the odds that your children will either love pick-up artists or become one

Your choice of a pursuit strategy on the dating scene shouldn't just be some arbitrary system you selected as a means to an end, but should also be considered as part of the self-expression you display out there. Just like you wouldn't wear a shirt that doesn't represent who you are, you shouldn't don a pursuit strategy that also doesn't represent who you are.

People fall in love with Casanovas and femme fatales partly because they've been smitten by their charms, but also because they believe that those same charms, if passed on to their children, would also work on other people.

Therefore, by executing the techniques of the pick-up artistry community, it's not just a means to an end, but changes the end. What you are selling on the dating scene is also yourself, and by adopting pick-up artistry, you're now selling the kind of person who does such techniques. The girls you land will now be girls who go for alpha males. They're the ones who are liable to fall in love with jocks and life-of-the-party types, and that's what you will pass onto your children.

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Women don't dress for men because to calculate how fashion choices affect reproductive chances would boggle the mind

When you ask women, "Why do you dress so well? Is it to impress guys?" they will most likely reply with a resounding, "No, I dress for myself." Technically this is true because when someone picks through their wardrobe, they are rarely visualizing some stranger of the opposite sex viewing them. Instead, they hold a mental image of themselves in the outfit and appraise their beauty in the same way that they would appraise a painting or a statue. So, in that sense, they are dressing for themselves. But dressing well garners more attention, raises social standing, and only "feels good" because it confers benefits in the form of increased likelihood of fortuitous connections.

But it's better that there's a disconnect between rhetoric and reality. Because to consider every encounter with a stranger as an opportunity to make a good impression so as to maximize one's social gain from that individual would boggle the mind. True, every connection you'll ever make starts with a stranger, but socializing is more of a numbers game. In the long-run, with enough iterations, dressing well will raise your social standing enough in some stranger's eye to start a conversation that could eventually lead to finding the love of your life. In other words, dressing well is an off-goal target. The real goal is to build good relationships, but instead, you focus on the side goal of sartorial excellence.

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