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The feedback loop of advertisers selling sex and consumers buying sexy products mirrors the sexual selection arms race of evolution

"Sex sells" is the mantra in advertising, but since every agency has the same motto, they are locked in an arms race, out-competing each other with ever-sexier ads. Meanwhile, the social tolerance for public, sexual displays has expanded to meet the deluge. Alongside the evolution of sexy ads is the evolution of human receptiveness to those ads. People buy the products with the sexiest marketing, which helps them acquire accessories to win their own arms races with each other to be the sexiest. Meanwhile, the word "sexy" has become so hackneyed, that we forget that saying it indirectly invokes the concept of sperms fertilizing eggs. All of which belies how our rhetoric—in addition to our technology, advertising, and consumerism—is recapitulating Red Queen-style evolutionary battles, but now with modern weaponry.

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