A new day is dawning.

by phil on Tuesday Mar 25, 2003 5:36 AM

A new day is dawning. The sun is peaking through. I have on my computer An image of our earth showing how light is blanketing the surface in a right-to-left fashion. I can see from the heavens and in the local this process. And this is cool. And I'm pontificating! Whee! No but really, I've been up since 9pm the previous day. I then went crazy thinking about transhumanism and quantum theology (the latest drugs in my life). This has broken into me a new enthusiasm for ideas and the humanities, particularily philosophy and things like evolutionary theory.

And hence, I've picked up the Gay Science again. I've chosen to read it cover to cover this time. I am also, at the moment listening to Wagner. And at the same time a new day is dawning. And Nietzsche's last book (I think) is called Dawn. Is this really a new page in my life? It almost seems like every 4 days is a "fateful" day where I could look back on that date and go, "This was the date where everything changed" At least that's how it seems to be at the time that it happens. No but really, in a gesture at Nietzsche's eternal recurrence, I can find many instances in my past that if one thing was changed, one little bit of information withheld, my life would have wandered off into a totally different course. EVERYTHING is important.

Note, this site will be moving to philosophistry.com and running on my own home-brew thingy. Apache, server stats, no banners, custom web site. I love blogger/google/netscape/microsoft/dad_buying_first_computer/being_in_womb, I love life.

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