1. Letter to Myself 10 Billion Years from Now
  2. Where I Write
  3. Introducing Dear Hannah
  4. Why Real 3D Still Matters
  5. Beyond Blogging
  6. Freedom to Adhere to a Genre
  7. Many Vietnams
  8. 2013 Is the First Non-"Turn of the Millenium" Year
  9. Picasso-esque Facial Memories
  10. Two Kinds of Success
  11. History is Simply the Top 10 vs. the Next 90
  12. Moderate Sample Sizes
  13. Four Kinds of Aliens
  14. Limits to Human Demand
  15. Research to Development for Start-up Ideas
  16. The Return of Cyclical Adventurism
  17. Self-Defeating Methods in Self-Improvement
  18. Beyond Opposition in Politics
  19. Types of Wills in Human Copying
  20. Preservation of Relationships in Human Copying
  21. Security of Vanishing Pacts in Human Copying
  22. Identity Philosophy and Human Copying
  23. Cognitive Therapy Might Take Multiple Generations to Work
  24. Declining Birth-Rates and Believing that "We Don't Need More People"
  25. How to Think Rationally About Cryonics
  26. The Banality of Cryonics
  27. Interview with Dr. Lisa Bobby on the Growing Self Podcast
  28. Phil on The Bare Truth Podcast
  29. Traffic is Universal
  30. What Goes Viral
  31. "Now that you're 30, do you find yourself having any 'Get off my lawn!' moments with today's Youth?"
  32. Is There a Secret for Finding The One?
  33. Retronymic Reinterpretation: A Thought Experiment for Futurists and Designers
  34. Hipsters Are Dead, Long Live Hipostates!
  35. What causes people to change?
  36. Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy: How I Became an Indie App Developer
  37. Q&A: Is Scrum Good for Creativity?
  38. 7 Reasons Why You Should Try a Hackathon
  39. How I Kept Up With Meditation For an Entire Year
  40. Book Excerpt: How to Deal with Others at Work
  41. New Age healing is about to get a major scientific boost
  42. Do you believe in Astrology or not?
  43. Figuring out the most electable Republican candidate using Intrade
  44. Should you kill bad guys in your dreams?
  45. Do animals have epiphanies in their dreams?
  46. The waking world is a dream world that is consistent enough for our psychic appetites
  47. Should've never woken up in the first place...
  48. What was life like before life?
  49. Fake 3D films score 13% lower on Rotten Tomatoes
  50. What was it like to live among giants?
  51. The Pliability of Life: Salmon crossing a road and a bipedal dog
  52. What is the anatomical basis of inspiration?
  53. New Project: Read On Wiki
  54. Ever been frustrated with trying to find work that you like?
  55. If scientific discovery is inevitable, do scientists live meaningful lives?
  56. Five Takeaways from Three Memoirists
  57. Dear Charlotte Book, Coming Soon!
  58. Lottery Numbers from Tarot Cards
  59. Reverie on music streaming and YouTube
  60. Lucid Dreaming
  61. Quantity, not quality, the factor in creative success
  62. Why HBO's Treme is more relevant than ever
  63. Two cents on Osama's death
  64. Do men and women really give advice differently?
  65. How to get rid of excuses and start meditating
  66. Thor and the future of 3D films
  67. How 15 minutes saved me $1,000 in car insurance
  68. The Big Wait: Trying not to get stressed-out for SXSW
  69. What's it like getting your DNA results back from 23andMe
  70. Why is Scientology so successful?
  71. Eight changes to my life as a result of just four weeks of daily meditation
  72. Did you read that thing on Philosophistry about how golf is an analogy for marriage?
  73. Get off the treadmill treadmill
  74. Don't call it the placebo effect. Call it the placebo power.
  75. How to be a better driver
  76. Change Happens: How I read a letter from my health insurance about rate increases
  77. Gourdough's Rankings
  78. Obama's election campaign message for 2012
  79. The future of Facebook and other thoughts
  80. TSA health implications and other current thoughts
  81. What Good Is Wall Street?
  82. Philosophistric Recap: Act Naturally
  83. What if that psych paper on precognition is right?
  84. Dreams are Creative Workshops
  85. My thoughts on Jon Stewart's rally
  86. Thought experiment in radical skepticism, perhaps?
  87. Thought experiment concerning a "naivete machine" intended to make us more skeptical of our faith in our basic senses
  88. I find blogging and dream journaling to be very similar in terms of their impact on my thinking and self-concept
  89. The esoteric threshold
  90. If you think you're old, will you get white hair?
  91. You are what you think
  92. Never say, "Never say never."
  93. The New Governor of Death
  94. Everything is demographic
  95. Road rage on Gliese 581
  96. You spin me right-round baby
  97. Covering up for being a nerd
  98. Afghanistan's WTF moment
  99. Does your phone elicit tears of joy?
  100. 10 Examples of the Tetris Effect
  101. The Wikileaks Afghan War Diary, One Month Later
  102. Petraeus's goal is to make the war in Afghanistan a non-war
  103. Tarot Pro 1.5 for iPhone released - Now with the Marseilles Deck
  104. Lucid dreaming is back on the map
  105. Nebulous Notes, my Dropbox text editor for the iPad/iPhone, is available now!
  106. The Fab Faux vs. The Fab Four
  107. Today's "What If": What if Knights were just Gangstas?
  108. Is it Real or Fake 3D?
  109. Netflix Achievements (A Design Suggestion)
  110. Why karaoke and tributes are art forms
  111. Oranginalt (noun.) A search term that only turns up one result in Google
  112. Thought Experiment: Why felons should be able to vote
  113. How to apply for a programming job on Craigslist
  114. 20+ High-paying, Low-education Jobs: Tips from a perpetual career-changer / hiring manager
  115. How I would re-design Facebook, Twitter, Brizzly, etc.
  116. HOWTO: Loren ipsum for names
  117. Can you use grocery lists as a way to measure interestingness?
  118. What if we discover aliens who have 16th century technology on other planets? (Part I)
  119. What is the framerate for life?
  120. Compelling Taboos
  121. What are the odds I can change the odds?
  122. Recursive prediction markets
  123. If you flip a coin, and it comes up heads twenty times in a row, the next flip will be heads.
  124. All Muslims are like this
  125. Not eclectic for eclectic's sake
  126. The universality of annoying teenagers
  127. Your memory of your memory is sometimes stronger than the memory or stimulus itself
  128. What about a universal sunset clause?
  129. Abortion Meta-Law
  130. How does your internal body model change when you pick up the mouse?
  131. The real message of video games is that everything's a pattern
  132. Why you shouldn't keep a diary
  133. Good artwork has good "face"
  134. What's the file format for faces?
  135. What causes a culture to become more conservative? How do we notice it happening?
  136. Words that get stuck in your head like jingles
  137. Is religious innovation an oxymoron?
  138. The spiritually thirsty who live on the coast, drink from the ocean. But what about those who are landlocked?
  139. Where's the center of religious innovation? Minnesota.
  140. White is a spectrum
  141. All Italian-Americans are like this
  142. How can an entire country be "for" or "against" us?
  143. For conservatives, change is framed as a re-assertion of the past
  144. Conservatives are a pack, liberals are a hive
  145. Liberals want to understand, conservatives want to forget
  146. Using moral shorthand to deal with philosophical thought experiments
  147. Rhetoric can't handle complex causes
  148. Does decadence necessarily follow from advantage?
  149. Would geopolitics be different if all our maps were like this?
  150. An America that can do anything
  151. What happens when you look into the eyes of Google?
  152. How come there are no wheels in nature?
  153. Would alien evolution mirror earthling evolution?
  154. Where's our next Marx?
  155. Human phantom tails
  156. Who is enjoying how much wealth?
  157. Birds, humans, and the consumption of trash
  158. Media units of measurements
  159. At least one tree more important
  160. Are star systems more interesting than human beings?
  161. Dreams that become real life memories
  162. Canadians, Americans, and the troll-kick
  163. Neologism: Recursive Prophecy
  164. How can I create art like I don't care whether or not I become an artist?
  165. My Endorsement for Adobe Ideas
  166. Two thoughts on my trip to the SF Bay Area last weekend
  167. What is and isn't terrorism
  168. I actually bought music today
  169. My own health care reform
  170. Is opulence always tied to an aesthetics of decay?
  171. Should you or should you not take something for that thing you're dealing with
  172. When you don't know what causes something, you start to think it was deserved
  173. Why Paul Krugman switched from history to economics
  174. The underpinnings of the New Age "us small" worldview
  175. 10 Modern Cases of Linguistic Genocide
  176. In politics, when you are explaining, you are losing.
  177. Introverts are like rechargeable batteries. Extroverts are like solar panels.
  178. 9 in 10 introverts have felt some guilt or shame for being introverted
  179. Things for which we have no word for
  180. Where else am I writing
  181. If you are remotely interested in design, you will find this thought inspiring
  182. Review of El Norte (1984)
  183. The Internet is old enough to be a metaphor for itself
  184. What happens when you make frank comparisons between humans and robots?
  185. The "liberal" media is a lie
  186. New Meme: Whole Foods Republicans
  187. After the Honeymoon: 20 Things I Don't Like About the Droid
  188. Your product should be spectacular
  189. Noam Chomsky on why we shouldn't be ridiculing the right
  190. The Wrong Kind vs. Your Kind
  191. Adamantium, Gundarium, and other fictional elements and materials
  192. Shouldn't the aesthetics of a word's letterforms affect the connotation of what is denoted?
  193. The Homeless Experiment
  194. What else did our ancestors have that we don't?
  195. "Curation is the sibling of aggregation"
  196. What Makes a Good "Top 100" List
  197. Move where the puck is going to be: Bet on lower processing power?
  198. The news industry is dying. Fine, but does it matter?
  199. Coca-Cola has reached a point where their primary competition is water. What is Google's "water"?
  200. Some comments on 8-bit music
  201. People who play Russian roulette are more offensive to me than those who commit suicide
  202. My Philosophy of Life, Presented Through a Conversation with a Hypothetical Wife-to-be
  203. Rules for San Francisco Bay Area Post-Hippies
  204. Is the news really that liberal?
  205. Double standards about sexual "accomplishments"
  206. 20 Things I Like About the Droid
  207. History of the World According to the Western Imagination
  208. How "Soccer Dads" Can Save America's Daughters
  209. New Chart: US Prison Population
  210. Quirks you thought only you had (reddit roundup)
  211. No love sincerer
  212. The innate superiority of females over males
  213. Bleeding heart conservative
  214. Houseguests
  215. "Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open."
  216. What do these legions of useless nerds represent?
  217. Shouldn't the connotation of what is denoted affect the aesthetics of the word?
  218. High divorce rates, teenage ennui, and drug-addled slackers must have recurred in history
  219. I don't have an internalized belief in evolution
  220. If you wave a Confederate flag, doesn't that make you anti-American?
  221. Illogical fallacy
  222. Etymology of Kennedy
  223. There are two kinds of ethnic pride in America
  224. Laziness and being inauthentically busy
  225. bibliotherapy
  226. Schrodinger's catacomb
  227. New App for the iPhone 3GS: Rave Light S
  228. Too many words
  229. First draft movie lines and failed children's book titles
  230. Final Destination
  231. Monoculture benefits no one in the long run
  232. Where else am I blogging?
  233. Western philosopher Peter Singer's thoughts on healthcare rationing
  234. What do you secretly do that is frowned upon by this community, but not by the world at-large?
  235. Five tips on how to change the language of the healthcare debate
  236. PSA: Where else am I blogging?
  237. 60% of bankruptcies in 2007 were from medical bills. Why this should freak you out.
  238. What if things didn't end "happily ever after?"
  239. Paul Graham. A new kind of venture capitalist. A new kind of role model.
  240. A word that refers to "the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data"
  241. Downsizing American Cities
  242. Fictional Suburbs (Art)
  243. How to make an honest opinion about Bing
  244. This doesn't sound like an "Apology Tour" to me
  245. The technology behind Microsoft's "game-changing" Project Natal
  246. How did Japanese automakers get so good? Hint: it's not from Japan
  247. My little experiment with Bing is faltering
  248. Idea for aspiring writers who love movies
  249. Instant Comedy: Overheard Tweets
  250. What I like about Bing
  251. What's the next Google
  252. Things you cannot talk about: How to drive drunk
  253. When are we going to talk about coping with Global Warming?
  254. Another 2 cents in the feminism, men's rights discussion
  255. "Dear Washington Post and every other internet newspaper: if you have a long article, PUT IT ON ONE PAGE. My browser isn't paper, you don't need to break it up into 6 pages"
  256. New meme idea: "tough love liberal" or "strong heart liberal"
  257. Awesome wikipedia find: List of unsolved problems
  258. Fascinating bit about whales
  259. My whole life's a marshmallow
  260. Dropping down a peg on Anthropocentrism
  261. The Next Big Web 2.0 Feature: Embeddable Comments
  262. Yet again, why I think Kindle will be a game-changer
  263. Can a metropolis reduce its volume of trash by 60%?
  264. The surprising facile usefulness of Wolfram Alpha
  265. What is Natalism? What is the Quiverfull Movement?
  266. Native Americans with blinged-out grills
  267. What is aspirational consumption?
  268. Maybe they'll call them the Twilight Generation
  269. Totally baffling
  270. The business metric that really matters
  271. This is going into my "best ever" box of forum threads
  272. New feature idea for Digg, HuffingtonPost, Reddit, and other major traffic gateways and communities
  273. Why does your profile picture have a baby on it??
  274. Great review of Star Trek
  275. Plato believed in eugenics?
  276. The beginnings of real change for the Republicans
  277. Utah getting more liberal? Huh?
  278. What cities have the best customer service?
  279. Prediction: Men's rights will appear on the political radar in an election cycle or two
  280. What is Straight Edge?
  281. Volcano Boarding
  282. Value-Add is Just Another Adjective Away
  283. Is Hacking a Bounded or Unbounded Danger?
  284. Where's my Web 2.0 Copy-and-paste?
  285. What Kindle can learn from the video game market
  286. Sales of The New Yorker go up 50% when Malcolm Gladwell writes
  287. What I have to say to nihilistic New Age types
  288. Twitter faster than earthquakes
  289. Techies vs. Enviros
  290. How do you measure the Seven Deadly Sins in America?
  291. All the hardwork in raising a generation on environmental-consciousness could be erased
  292. Is it selfish to praise the selfless?
  293. What does Life After People mean?
  294. Reality Show Idea: Massage Therapists
  295. Why I love the Kindle
  296. New expression for the iPhone: page 1 app
  297. "If something is too big to fail, isn't it too big to exist?"
  298. Girl Talk: Origins
  299. A Unifying Theory of Self-Help
  300. Reality Show Idea.. Black Swan: The Search for the next Susan Boyle
  301. Great book recommendation about writing
  302. Tarot Pro now available for the iPhone!
  303. Captialism-Socialism Agnostic Principle
  304. In Search of the Next Mass Delusion: Vaccines
  305. One of the most beautiful things I've seen on the Internet
  306. New Reality Show Idea: The Ultimate Pitch
  307. American Witchcraft
  308. How to speak to a Global Warming skeptic
  309. Compassionate Moderatism
  310. Two Takeaways from Stephen King's On Writing
  311. A New Kind of Music Video (ReTweet this)
  312. Polygamy is making a play for acceptance
  313. An iPhone app that could change your life
  314. Don't forget what our nation's greatest sin is
  315. Does the world need more writers?
  316. All my headlines are written like tweets now
  317. I agree with Ira Glass
  318. Screw Strunk & White
  319. An occasion to talk about "Why I ditched Buddhism"
  320. Super easy way to support Philosophistry
  321. What's good about my generation
  322. Why humans create bubbles
  323. An explanation of the financial crisis that's good enough for me
  324. Why Luddites Exist
  325. The Best of the Best Advice Books
  326. What about men?
  327. The meaning of TV has changed
  328. Which economic growth curve would you prefer?
  329. A slight change to your writing medium could make a difference
  330. Scenes from the recession
  331. When doing community service doesn't make you happy
  332. 40% of babies born in 2007 were out-of-wedlock
  333. Interesting line of thinking on abortion
  334. Purity rings again
  335. Counter-intuitive, dark principles
  336. Choose the wisest city
  337. SJIRA (Steve Jobs is Right Again)
  338. Wish I knew more about convergent evolution
  339. The same could be said of Rotten Tomatoes and other Hive Minds
  340. Nice Bike Rack
  341. Rave Light iPhone App Promo
  342. Information at your fingertips is no substitute for curiosity
  343. War on the rich?
  344. Is Twitter to Facebook what Google has been to Yahoo?
  345. The Meaning of News has Changed
  346. Writing is conversation
  347. It's the market you're in
  348. The only rational response to the financial markets is insanity.
  349. We are designed to take care of ourselves, blood relatives, species, and our surroundings
  350. Relax right now
  351. Meebo's Non-Interruptive Ads
  352. You're like 12 right now
  353. An Archipelago of Social Networking Services
  354. One-Man Game/Business Idea for Twitter
  355. Very well-written case for blogging
  356. heads up
  357. The "Ah-hah" of "Ha ha"
  358. She & Him is good
  359. The App Store DRM will endure
  360. The supply of entertainment has become so vast and infinite that the only reasonable price is zero.
  361. Semantic Schemantic
  362. "Presidents age two years for every year that they're in office"
  363. mp3 fatigue
  364. Cloud music > mp3 music in 5-10 years
  365. The Maverick Returns?
  366. Writing writes us
  367. Maybe Why I Write?
  368. Here's my Vidoop "Password"
  369. The Perfect Poster/Wallpaper
  370. Dings Will Replace Rings
  371. I'm glad Twitter jumped the shark
  372. Using the Ancestor's Tale to justifying thinking less
  373. Fun Political Predictions
  374. The shape of history: A Cascade of S-Curves
  375. Time to go between the tweets
  376. A different kind of futurism: pop conservatism, etc
  377. Newspapers won't die
  378. Visions of 2019
  379. What's a Reichstag fire breakup?
  380. Historical context to this "bipartisanship" idea
  381. Griefers
  382. Obama's "Faith" Message
  383. faith is important
  384. My first book! Life-Altering Experiences: How a Single Question Tapped into the Soul of MetaFilter
  385. Mr. Magic
  386. We're all mixed
  387. Pitchfork's Best New Music page updated
  388. Has Twitter jumped the shark? Maybe. Does it matter? No.
  389. How conservatives think
  390. science and politics
  391. the feeling
  392. Framing idea for healthcare reform
  393. The Hipster and the Dandy
  394. Stimulus Bill
  395. A case for relying on your senses, including your 6th sense, intuition
  396. layer tennis
  397. Turqish Forest
  398. sup
  399. Sonic Icebergs Rising: How Brian Eno came up with 'Ambient' music
  400. Self-involvement and emotional unavailability
  401. Message Control: What Jay-Z should really say
  402. A universal principle for socializing
  403. Marathoning
  404. If I take this pill, does that make me a wimp?
  405. nature good
  406. faith
  407. Marketing Strategy for Stimulus Bill and Others
  408. The Pepsi Gravitational Field Document
  409. Logarithmic Plot Porn (aka Singularity University Pitch)
  410. India plans $10 laptop
  411. The Best Self-Help Books
  412. What is the meaning of life?
  413. free your mind
  414. Question to ponder about our current times...
  415. start up.
  416. everybody should create a start-up
  417. can I have?
  418. writing and fear
  419. To live in flow, people must live outside their comfort zones
  420. "Every single one of your ancestors survived, and successfully passed on to you life"
  421. The Yes-And pinciple and improving your conversations
  422. Why the downturn happened
  423. Summary of America
  424. What the pursuit of passion is and isn't about
  425. The Relationship Between Motivation and Talent
  426. BlogFabric artwork
  427. performing for the sake of performing
  428. blago blogo
  429. rat-tat-tat-tat
  430. What is a "Black Triangle" moment?
  431. The Tangled Web of Syriana
  432. What is semantic satiation?
  433. off-front and off-feed
  434. I'll out-white you.
  435. "you give me fever"
  436. sometimes...
  437. some people...
  438. maybe instead of yoga ...
  439. Obama Re-Sworn In
  440. How to define the keepers of the "Obama-is-a-Muslim" flame
  441. Word Clouds
  442. I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.
  443. Shepard Fairey almost withdrew his Obama poster
  444. A real love of words
  445. Dr. King called it
  446. modern presidential approval ratings
  447. Audi "Progress is Beautiful" ad
  448. This is how wide my monitor is (Obama official portrait)
  449. Going to town with repeating expressions
  450. purposefully impossible mission statement
  451. Why some of my New Year's Resolutions are weakening already
  452. what libertarians believe
  453. Save me from my obamations
  454. How many AAAAAs in Khaaaaaaaan?
  455. speculative knowledge vs. actual knowledge
  456. permission
  457. meta-preacher
  458. Unresolved Issue: Buy Local
  459. T-e-d-i-o-u-s
  460. Ever-finer grades of committments
  461. Obama Smile 1 and 2
  462. I am...
  463. I am_...
  464. Salim from Slumdog Millionaire evokes Kali
  465. wikipedia gems: Heaven and Hell
  466. Personal genomics and the nuances of communicating statistics
  467. It's okay that billions of people are into religion
  468. An emergent method for coming up with folder names, hierarchies, and tags
  469. wikipedia gem: intentional living
  470. The two Fs of Lucid Dreaming
  471. How I brought Lucid Dreaming back into my life
  472. Never seen anybody use YouTube like this before
  473. US Airways Flight 1549 Explained
  474. friend-on-the-train
  475. Random pop-culture references are the thing
  476. Mash-ups and bridge-makers
  477. Web Service Idea: A "What's up with ..." site
  478. The Hudson River plane crash, and the dimming "congregation effect" of media
  479. Open Letter to Rick Warren RE: Message Control
  480. Message Control Idea for Rick Waren
  481. "Hmm, this play has the lingering influence of Chekhov;" How to fake your way through theater
  482. One of the blogosphere's best kept secrets: Brand New
  483. Some thoughts on Web 2.0 principles and Google search results
  484. Some parts of the Purpose-Driven Life feel like Xanax
  485. Air Force rules for counter-blogging
  486. Meta-Flow Chart
  487. Heisenberg Anxiety
  488. I wish I were the Moon
  489. Achievement Unlocked: posted link to game on blog
  490. good
  491. HP Commercials
  492. Office Max - "Life is Beautiful"
  493. If I visualize the bad thing happening, it won't happen right?
  494. xp v. int
  495. dissecting the post "heart ding"
  496. heart ding
  497. extra-beautiful feature
  498. More than purpose
  499. com down
  500. Half-purpose
  501. Panaceas are the Holy Grail in life-change
  502. Attention RSS Readers
  503. Blog Update: Why so many posts today?
  504. do-it-yourself ventriloquism
  505. On Praise
  506. Blacklight Tattoos: Now you see them, now you don't
  507. America's Racist Belt
  508. The Smoking Landscape
  509. Paul McCartney - '222'
  510. Contradicting Proverbs
  511. What's a "mysterious negativity?"
  512. PsyBlog: Memory Improved 20% by Nature Walk
  513. Optimism in the unemployment landscape
  514. Secular Religion: New religions have newer stuff
  515. Secular Religion: How many prophets?
  516. Secular Religion: Religion and 360 degrees of knowledge
  517. Secular Religion: God as a neutral third-party
  518. Secular Religion: An atheist reading The Purpose-Driven Life
  519. Secular Religion: What did the Greeks call Zeus?
  520. Secular Religion: Create a school for Life Skills
  521. Secular Religion: Meaningful stories
  522. Secular Religion: Belief in God is a right-brained activity
  523. Secular Religion: Can we call him Maker?
  524. Secular Religion: Salutary benefits of believing yourself small in the face of God
  525. Secular Religion: Religion is about intent
  526. Blog Experiment: Limiting myself to one topic at a time
  527. Handy Device for Creativity: The Ball of Whacks
  528. Tracking Personal Change: A different perspective on my creativity
  529. Social Website Opportunity: Personal advice market
  530. New Service Offering Idea: Personal user experience consultant
  531. Fiction Fragments from the Week: "Latitude"
  532. Web Service Idea: Perpetual experimentation with the blog format's constraints
  533. Web App Opportunity: Visual Search Engine for books
  534. Political Website Idea: Create a CHANGE blog
  535. Psychology Research Idea: Add obsession to the criticisms of flow
  536. Psychology Research Idea: Has it become harder to forget people?
  537. iPhone App Idea: Entertainment Book-style coupon app
  538. Traffic Safety Product Idea: Electronic Pace Car bumper signs
  539. Software Business Idea: Help people monetize their wireless routers
  540. Tracking Personal Change: Reflections on personal and public political orientation
  541. New Medium Business Opportunity: Make a standard format for grouping video clips and text
  542. Tchotchke Business Idea: Make-your-own pogs!
  543. Fashion Article Idea: Slideshow of APEC Summit outfits
  544. Psychology Research Idea: Correlate Political Orientation with Therapy and Anti-depressants
  545. Software Business Idea: Make a Software Distribution Platform like the iPhone App Store and Steam
  546. Twitter Feature Idea: View your friend's Twitter home page
  547. Political Science Research Idea: Measure the honesty of politicians
  548. Business Idea: Use Netflix-style Recommendations Engine to target ads
  549. xkcd explains my personal belief in the Theory of Everything
  550. Conversationalists. Season 1, Episode 1.
  551. A tiny, but very ingenious, metaphor for Obama
  552. International change is already happening
  553. Interview on iPhone development
  554. Reaction to Religulous: I guess I don't support bashing religion
  555. Thoughts on Happiness: The Solving vs. Coping Debate
  556. Register for updates vs. Follow me on Twitter
  557. English is more 2.0
  558. Statistics on Statistics: Internet reporting wins again
  559. Adopting a self-tending stance toward life
  560. Un-American Activities
  561. What if the "liberal" media is just an "accurate" media?
  562. A Serious Election: Why this time, things will be different
  563. Meta-Serenity: A quick look at Niebuhr's Prayer
  564. Generative Music and the iPhone: Brian Eno, at it again.
  565. One Unifying RSS Feed: An untapped Holy Grail
  566. Pondering World War III: More recommended documentaries
  567. A Fascinating Nature
  568. The Choice
  569. Divided, we are failing
  570. How pretty do UIs need to be?
  571. Relevant quote from Warren Buffet
  572. Vimeo's Tipping Point?
  573. New iPhone App: Palmist - $1.99
  574. Cooliris and its 2:1 intern-to-employee ratio
  575. (VIDEO) "Brand-Dropping" Agency Comes Under Fire
  576. UI Annoyances: "Enlarge" buttons that shrink
  577. Large Hadron Collider
  578. People wait in phone booths longer if other people are waiting
  579. Regretflix
  580. POWs aren't allowed to accept early release, but one man was ordered to.
  581. Sarah Palin ("SERR-UH PAY-LIN")
  582. Phantom Clipboard
  583. Stock Market Experiment: Invest based on the products you use
  584. New iPhone App: Rave Light -- $0.99
  585. New App: Flash-based Mic Monitor
  586. Get Tarot for iPhone
  587. Principle: Laziness, in of itself, is not a sin
  588. So many dissatisfied creative types in this city
  589. The Lyrics Website Problem has been solved
  590. Random fact
  591. Free ($0.00) will
  592. Download link now available for Party Tarot
  593. Speaking of hooks
  594. Web video has matured, hasn't it?
  595. Three good intro hooks from Matt & Kim
  596. Personal Infoviz works: dieters lose more weight with food diaries
  597. Party Tarot iPhone Application opening Friday, July 11! - $1.99
  598. Citizen journalism's role in the hive mind
  599. Futuretrack: social digital cameras
  600. Random Picture
  601. Covert ops in Iran
  602. Ask Culture vs. Guess Culture
  603. We need Esperanto 2.0
  604. "The Experience-Adjusted Base Time" it takes to do something (or sort of a Prototypist's Manifesto)
  605. The "Convenience Argument" for and against handguns
  606. Design is universally hard
  607. The holistic nature of great design
  608. Music "property" in the 21st Century
  609. Apple and it's tight control over the iPhone
  610. "Do something cool with your computer"
  611. The Souls of Black Folk: Essays and Sketches
  612. "Motherwellian" - (Photoshop session 3/3)
  613. "Stripeology" - (Photoshop session 2/3)
  614. "Seizuresque" - (Photoshop session 1/3)
  615. Eno's thoughts on the transformation of the ugly into art
  616. Micro-poetry question from Brian Eno
  617. Flashback: O.J. Simpson verdict is announced
  618. We will be ancient someday
  619. PSA: I'm an iPhone developer now
  620. Brian Eno's Diary, good quote
  621. Small World Invasion
  622. PSA: Early-phase Start-up Needs Search/Data-Mining Guru
  623. The Crazification Factor
  624. m
  625. Processing your field of vision while driving, as opposed to skimming
  626. Two of the best music videos I've seen in recent memory
  627. Timelapse video of a man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours
  628. Writing has a weird way of controlling me
  629. Is it possible to end suffering for any abstract, conscious, intelligent being?
  630. Beautiful Glitch
  631. Meta Life-Change
  632. Gigapixel Zooming in on Boston
  633. What is meaningful to me?
  634. Teach Yourself to Stop Time
  635. Obama, Clinton, Cory Booker, and Self-Actualization
  636. Off-Goal Targeting
  637. In Japan: URLs Are Totally Out
  638. Sign Up Forms Must Die
  639. Dreaming of Beliefs
  640. Food-for-Thought
  641. If I could just monitor my happiness indicators, then I could catch myself being unhappy
  642. 9 Tips On How To Ask For What You Want
  643. Obama's speech on race
  644. Un-blogging software
  645. 25 Books That Have Shaped Readers' Lives
  646. Matt & Kim @ SXSW last night
  647. Huffington Post Finally Surpasses DrudgeReport in Traffic
  648. publishing
  649. dayz
  650. cronyism emission standards
  651. books
  652. dah dah dah
  653. something's in the air
  654. McCain & Abel
  655. Me viz-a-viz work
  656. Frustrated User Experience Designer Wants to Vote Early in Texas
  657. Go Paint, Young Man!
  658. Put your mouth where your money is: a simple exercise that reveals a lot about yourself
  659. My affinity for mad people and madness
  660. An incredibly dense 1 minute comedic performance by John C. Rilley
  661. The History of the Jingle
  662. Hilarious Holiday Images
  663. How Well Does Your Present Career Fit? (via The Pathfinder)
  664. I hate rock shows
  665. The simultaneously flattering, depressing, and ironic feeling of someone stealing your work
  666. Austin Art Review: Troy Allen, Clayton Armstrong, Shelley Nottingham, Making it Better
  667. Austin Art Review: David Everett: Balancing Act (1991 - 2007)
  668. Austin Art Review: Eric Gibbons and Nathan Green, Lasers in the Jungle
  669. 42 Great Music Videos that MTV panned
  670. Austin Art Review: Michael Wutz, Silver Lining flat lining
  671. Admin: Comments have been re-enabled on my site!
  672. larger than life chix, amazons, completely self-possessed, black bobs
  673. How many generations back does our lineage go?
  674. Are autism and atheism linked?
  675. Another justification of "Philosophistry"
  676. The soundtrack to the past 30 days
  677. What's a theremin?
  678. The Imitation Therapy Party Game
  679. The causes of bad hair days
  680. Varieties of passion too
  681. Really good dancing
  682. Us vs. Them
  683. two words meant to be
  684. My fascination with Fred Thompson is over
  685. Snapshot of my stream of consciousness
  686. Random thoughts that ran through my head
  687. The other side of pursuit of passion
  688. wow WoW - World of Warcraft takes 28% of the top 100 topics on Google Trends
  689. Anti Carpe Diem
  690. Some Random Good Short-Story Fiction
  691. "I can't believe he's still blogging."
  692. This post brought to you by the letter "S"
  693. Reign Over Me is a great multimedia confluence
  694. How art will be categorized 20 years from now
  695. The secret to user-experience success is fostering trained introspection. Lessons from Apple, Google, and psychology
  696. My opinion about last weekend's movie
  697. Screensaver of the Longest Picture on the Internet (plus source)
  698. $25 Million Offered In Climate Challenge -- Tycoon Hopes to Spur Milestone Research
  699. We had a Native American Vice President?
  700. FOXNews as a political persuasion in its own right
  701. Interactive One-ness
  702. They Might Be Democrats: Republicans Who Are Crossing Over
  703. 31% of Republican Reps Supported Pelosi's First 100 Hours
  704. The Apple iPhone's success hinges on one thing..
  705. Forgetting Vietnam
  706. The election will be YouTube'd!
  707. Monitoring the first 100 hours of the 2007 Democrat-controlled Congress
  708. Of Two Minds
  709. An argument against free will
  710. Ladies and gentleman, our most beautiful and prized...
  711. Stinkin' Micro-demagogues
  712. That religion period of the day
  713. Corporate monasticism
  714. It's the little things
  715. A falling. A rising. 50,000 years in the making.
  716. MIT Sketching
  717. Pan-Gamer Panacea
  718. Top five weirdest things to carry in one's messenger bag
  719. Costume parties are the moral wind
  720. A fine line between willful philistinism and appreciating what you actually like
  721. Dhingra's Law (Fallacy) of Disk Usage
  722. Temporarily muting yourself
  723. How am I not myself?
  724. My frustration at people who waste traveling with sight-seeing
  725. My observation at the end of An Inconvenient Truth
  726. My first political impression of Texas
  727. "Malcolm at work" - Rothkoization short story bit no. 2
  728. Chinese finger traps as a metaphor for how knowledge makes you jaded
  729. Added tons of details to the "Site Info" and "Links" pages
  730. Justifying my obsession with words; introducing the "theatrical gesture" concept of word-smithing
  731. "Malcolm's Cerulean Dusk" - Rothkoization short story bit no. 1
  732. Ciphers are the foundation of society's chameleon nature
  733. The importance of Wikipedia, from a user-experience perspective.
  734. The storage medium of philosophy
  735. How playing video games all day affects my visual field (The Trifecta Tetris Effect)
  736. There is more to life than Happiness
  738. Kurzweil Sed
  739. thank God
  740. leery
  741. What is media "burn-in." Spend 1 hour looking at a slideshow of 10 paintings. Rooney!
  742. From "I play video games full-time!" to "that gigantic sucking feeling" to "index parties" to "mega-problems"
  743. So Austin's been pretty good so far.
  744. What is "meaningful" in life?
  745. That's the last time I use Google Maps
  746. Latest Second Life Sculpture: Try Hard Not to Commit Suicide
  747. phil.dhingra.org is now Philosophistry.com (again)
  748. My site now has a proper integration with social bookmarking services
  749. This may not be possible for everyone... but finding the following would be very ideal and convenient...
  750. Meet... OddJob
  751. College v. Post-College
  752. Rothkoization
  753. My philosophical position is more aptly named deanthropization
  754. Cambio de Philosophy Numero Tres: There is a God
  755. Cambio de Philosophy Numero Dos: The goal is helping humanity
  756. Cambio de Philosophy Numero Uno: There is an objective reality
  757. Cambio de Philosophy Introduccion: Try changing some fundamental philosophical beliefs...
  758. Reconsidering philosophical beliefs, reconsidering individualism.
  759. Screenshots of my first architectural project in Second Life
  760. All in one piece
  761. Friends who are doing things that I should be doing . . .
  762. As I dip my foot into the swimming pool, I discover that just beneath the surface, the mermaid avatars haven't yet been rendered by my computer.
  763. Fundaciones Page 17
  764. Fundaciones Page 16
  765. Fundaciones Page 15
  766. Fundaciones Page 14
  767. Fundaciones Page 13
  768. Fundaciones Page 12
  769. Fundaciones Page 11
  770. Fundaciones Page 10
  771. Fundaciones Page 9
  772. Fundaciones Page 8
  773. Fundaciones Page 7
  774. Fundaciones Page 6
  775. Fundaciones Page 5
  776. Fundaciones Page 4
  777. Fundaciones Page 3
  778. Fundaciones Page 2
  779. Fundaciones Page 1
  780. Fundaciones de Coachella
  781. I'm moving to Austin, TX
  782. be yourself
  783. Philosophistry.com is now phil.dhingra.org
  784. parties
  785. Ergonomic Keyboard for Pirates
  786. Honestly, I have no problem with the "man date"
  787. f(x) = g(f(x)) = g(g(f(x))) = g(g(g(f(x)))) = g( ... g(f(x)) ... )
  788. Six flags over Texas
  789. My Myspace
  790. Being practical. Being philosophical.
  791. <3 Sprint
  792. <MTTitle>Furthur progress on the meaning of " <b>Warning:</b>
  793. quote about work
  794. Determinism as a source of meaning
  795. Religion, Faith, Spirituality as a priori motivators
  796. The Latest on the Pursuit of the Pursuit of Passion
  797. Anish Dhingra
  798. Debunking Debunking: What can a science of religion prove
  799. Animated flash map of Iraq war casualties
  800. wow WoW
  801. Giving up as a writer? maybe not yet...
  802. London 'under water by 2100' as Antarctica crumbles into the sea
  803. just find it
  804. this is amazing
  805. my favorite nickname...
  806. wtf
  807. yes
  808. What does it mean to be "weird?"
  809. A small price to pay for a piece of authenticity
  810. holy triple-post batman
  811. creature of the night
  812. single-sided strategies
  813. People's sense of "what works"
  814. Treadmills of Desire and Personal Anguish
  815. Maybe I put too much stock in work as being a source of purpose and redemption
  816. How logical-minded people can resolve the imperative "be yourself"
  817. What Word is Being Said Here?
  818. *gooooong*
  819. A - Aardvark
  820. sociality cusp
  821. myspace deaths perspective
  822. spotting characteristics at an early age
  823. How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought You Think
  824. Attention-reactive problems
  825. I don't know what this post is about.
  826. I have no idea what this post is about
  827. getting older
  828. About "finding yourself"
  829. Two 1-hour long Electronic remixes from DJ Sandbag
  830. In the beginning was the word.
  831. Save Tookie?
  832. Tech Article of the Month
  833. California Warming
  834. What are meta-bigots?
  835. Two Propositions Dos propositiones (California Only)
  836. Interesting psychological structure of the process underlying Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  837. Transcendental Meditation: The Return of the Blissful Wanderer?
  838. Games: tearing up teenagers
  839. Today's Freud
  840. New feature that I worked on for Leetster
  841. Perfection, we know, is finality; and finality is death.
  842. Quote from Seth Godin's Purple Cow
  843. Capitalism Works
  844. Some RAD (Rapid Application Development) Lessons
  845. Shun Desert Sainthood
  846. Relevant Zeppelin Lyrics
  847. Information Visualization of Anti-Semitism in Europe
  848. some perspective on Hurricane Katrina
  849. What is "The Perfect Album"?
  850. Unfair reporting of drug-related crimes. Case in point: Columbine
  851. Alternative Society
  852. Harajuku pictures
  853. Blow Hard: The Power of Explaining Without Brevity
  854. RSS icon (yes, the orange one)
  855. Mt. Fuji Pix are up now
  856. nature's harmonic simultaneous 4-day time cube
  857. RFC: content suggestions anybody?
  858. anniversariECHO
  859. dong.. ba-dong... "wasureardara" "what the hell r they saying?"
  860. Lost japan trip info!
  861. 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. And Why?
  862. I <3 Aiko
  863. Cool video of "Fold n' Drop" Desktop Interaction
  864. japang mang
  865. bump up this GOOG pagerank
  866. Wikipedia article on egalitarianism
  867. The Singularity and the "Prevail Scenario"
  868. Did Simone de Beauvoir's scandalous open 'marriage' to Sartre make her happy?
  869. Jason Kottke is a personal inspiration
  870. Interesting Statistic about Valedictorians
  871. Organizational Acronym: FAT - "File, Act, or Trash"
  872. Why I left Google
  873. It's 5am, why am I still up?
  874. How I organize my buddy list
  875. How to rate songs in iTunes
  876. Someone refutes the historian thoroughly
  877. Why Transitional or Ancestral Species Might be Scant in the Fossil Record
  878. About the New Design
  879. A Break in Happiology
  880. the undefined
  881. Blogosphere, guide me
  882. my pasinos?
  883. Wes Anderson and the Problem with Hipsters
  884. more ridiculous marketing craziness
  885. nomor and only
  886. poem by Kurt Vonnegut
  887. Fear of the Big City
  888. marketing allergy
  889. Thus Spake Panzershrek
  890. nobody likes work?
  891. aspiring artists
  892. put the decorations in the cellar
  893. lucid notes?
  894. tagging is not it
  895. fitness goals
  896. vegetarianism
  897. the manolo, he writes like a nut
  898. nothing personal
  899. cruise scientology
  900. this is me, THE ONION
  901. u r not a hacker
  902. crucial webapp v. localapp point passed
  903. the importance of fricking full-text search
  904. Vietnam
  905. requiem for homer
  906. never before
  907. Using Excel to Track My Happiness
  908. talking is thinking is living
  909. beat a speeding ticket
  910. the salary contains no data
  911. courage
  912. cavalcade or fusilla
  913. !!!
  914. hate speech at STanford
  915. hell yeah
  916. i am cool
  917. does my 1000 WPM absolve me of failing to understand Sarte's Being and Nothingness?
  918. body rock ya'll don't stop yall, feel the subject yall, it's unique yall, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrawk rawk rawk, everything goes here, nothing goes there, everything up, nothing down, down down down, the rabbit hole we go, as it spreads jelly mook 50 cent max
  919. being
  920. life is just the initial dream
  921. fsck these ponies (I AM A SEXY NEO-MODERNIST!)
  922. GLADstone I bought a MACstone
  923. my objective please
  924. snap
  925. gonna try to get back into lucid dreaming
  926. tiredofsubjectlines
  927. mckenna echo this is what i here, hear hear hear, sonanananambulist
  928. Napoleon Dynamite Bill Passed in Idaho Legislature
  929. Avatarization
  930. Lame Review of Sin City
  931. premature optimization
  932. declaration of independence
  933. google, is communism that bad?
  934. does excess computer-usage and TV-watching create imbalance in our eye vision?
  935. Computer games are witholding our youth from an authentic rebel yell?
  936. Garden Of Eden - w4mw - 29
  937. Philosophistry's 3rd Song - Grey Seal Remix
  938. I tried everything...
  939. It feels like Sept. 10th, 2001
  940. e. e. cummings vs. Steve Keetz
  941. Targetted Ads
  942. Nervous Laughter and Loser Chic
  943. Great Discussion on Epistemology
  944. Would you like some virtual flowers on valentine's day?
  945. Wish I Were There
  946. glitch art: word document
  947. Ghosts in the Machine: ex-girlfriends' cars
  948. Forget the GLAT
  949. Taking Stock of Self-Expression and the Net
  950. A Simple Media Comparison Between Publishing on the Internet and in Print. (i.e. blogosphere vs. magazines)
  951. Philosophistry's 2nd Song - Geronimo Robespierre
  952. The Twentysomething Virii
  953. Shredded Feat (Photoshop Art)
  954. Mental New Year's Resolutions
  955. Curious Letter on a Rainy Day
  956. Why Socialism?
  957. San Diego men at a Charger's (football) game.
  958. The Sisyphus of My Sleep
  959. When the Levee Breaks
  960. This is the Rhythm of my Winter Break
  961. Tooling Down Cowper
  962. I was at Borders on Monday and this is what happened
  963. Rubi and the Flip-Flopping Fish of a Love Interest (another excerpt from a non-existent book)
  964. Hipster Bingo
  965. The Etymology of Dilettante ... yes.
  966. Initial Thoughts on Flow
  967. The Pretender's Recant
  968. Jogchem's Meandering Website
  969. Graphical Representation of My Current State of Mind
  970. don't question my authority
  971. An excerpt from my potential new book
  972. Haikus, Tankas, and Japanese Love Poetry
  973. Imagined conversation between me and the fictional love of my life.
  974. Business and Dreams
  975. Philosophistry's first song.
  976. Terminators v. Bravehearts
  977. Did you dump your boyfriend/girlfriend so you could "find yourself?"
  978. Ancient Japanese Bloggers from 1000 years ago
  979. Connection between pre-historic Japan and Shintoism
  980. Lay down your intellectual vices
  981. blogs are dumb
  982. Blogroll for Designers
  983. John Zogby, the Witty Pollster
  984. Chemical Brothers - Hoops guitar tab
  985. I worry about the Singularity sometimes.
  986. Love versus Infatuation; and developing a purpose in life
  987. Ideal Posture
  988. ATM
  989. The Other PKD on the nature of reality
  990. 700px wide
  991. Catharsizing Spontaneous Tryp
  992. permanent link to this post
  993. Copulation
  994. Sampflag
  995. Thimple Thoughts from Un-Thimple Minds
  996. Jill Greenberg's Monkey Portraits
  997. Recticulation
  998. XXX Swallow this Poster Baby XXX A Film from the Year 3069
  999. More Bomb in Your Step!
  1000. Why do they keep saying it, it sounds so damn annoying
  1001. Photoblog-ish
  1002. The Secret of History
  1003. The Ludic Life
  1004. Papering over life, Part I
  1005. Ecstasy
  1006. Variation is the message: some gems from Tufte
  1007. Wallpaper Nirvana, Cupid, Venus, Oh baby
  1008. SmarterChild Reloaded--getting a robot to dupe itself
  1009. Change Stress, Karma Building, Etc.
  1010. Favor to ask: help me with my flash and web design business!
  1011. Idle Thoughts on Habitual Conjunctivitis
  1012. Mix my Meshy Mind, Mandy More Mint! Me Me Me
  1013. May the most intractable meme win! How words take advantage of our categorization bias
  1014. The dreamy awareness of the aimless
  1015. New Pictures from Around Graduation Time
  1016. Better Reflection
  1017. The Pursuit of Passion = Doing things for their own sake
  1018. America's Prison Reality
  1019. How I am planning my future
  1020. My Future Plans
  1021. Abstract Visualization of Free Will / Self-Control -- The Pipe Model
  1022. Bipedalism, it's not just for humans
  1023. Dependency Network Model of the Self
  1024. Random thoughts on homophobia and sexual dimorphism
  1025. I'm blogging, I swear
  1026. Randomness Generation as a path to Original Thought
  1027. Does money buy happiness? What about good health?
  1028. Happiness Should be Reclassified as a Verb (''To Happ'' or ''Happinessing'')
  1029. Is the Google IPO the Cluetrain Manifesto in action?
  1030. How To Build Skynet (Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence)
  1031. Personal Sketches: An Alternative Coordinate System (Not Polar, Not Cartesian)
  1032. The Origin of the Universe (April 2004 Thinking)
  1033. Dear Ascetic Youth and Mid-Life Crisis Ppl: Quit Dreaming
  1034. Philosophistry Phase Two: Into a Streamy of Conscioussy Literary Existence
  1035. The Problem with Writers is...
  1036. Living Off-Grid Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Linguistically, etc.
  1037. Billionaire Mark Cuban slams Donald Trump on his blog
  1038. Mathy Poetic Reflection: Where are my Zeroes?
  1039. Similarities Between Weather and Happiness (Chart)
  1040. Gain 1000D Vision: WebCams from Around the World
  1041. Is Satan Lurking in the FDA?
  1042. If Ignorance is Bliss, What Should Intellectuals Do?
  1043. What Happens to Atheists When They Die? (Pondering Eschaton)
  1044. Personal Art Photography: Cut-Up (Fun with Scissors and Magazines)
  1045. The coolest flash site out there
  1046. The Exquisite Women of Burning Man
  1047. What's in a word? Extracting beauty out of the word ''Techno''
  1048. Importance of Negative Space: Why Colin Powel and George Tenet are quiet on Clarke
  1049. Reinterpretation of Columbine as a Computer Game by John Haddock
  1050. Sensiti's Wavy, Ethereal, Colored Smoke Photography Will Commandeer Your Senses
  1051. Does Your Presidential Candidate Do This?
  1052. 666 dream
  1053. Machiavelli, the 1500-era Blogger, Reveals a Cause for Intellectualism
  1054. 780 gallons of red paint: $7,800
    Three fire hoses: $1,000
    Becoming famous by painting an iceberg: Priceless
  1055. Live ''Longer'' Through Dreaming
  1056. Does Left-Right Orientation Matter in Images?
  1057. What is that graphic near the top of Philosophistry? (A Visual Walk-Through on BlogFabrics)
  1058. Should Atheists Shut Up?
  1059. Philosophist Observations: I'm Drowning in a Sea of Memes
  1060. Dream Notes: Hello Icarus, Taking Dreaming To the Next 'Level'
  1061. Know The Mind For the First Time: Kaufman's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind May Rock the Soul
  1062. On Pitching Crazy Memes and Why I Should Get a Haircut
  1063. Quick Note on Dick Clarke's statements on 60 Minutes
  1064. Dream Notes: Noah's Nookie straight-jackets me into my shirt
  1065. Dream Notes: Snowball Nihilism
  1066. Perl Kung-Fu: How to Setup an IE-Inbox
  1067. Not Yet Another Passion of the Christ Review
  1068. KoRn's censored anti-censorship single ''Y'all Want a Single'' remixed by angry Howard Stern
  1069. The Injustice of Society's Attitude Toward Suffering
  1070. I love the touch of your hands Lucy--perhaps this is how hominids beat other monkeys
  1071. How Long Does it Take to Become an Expert?
  1072. I'm embarassed to go to school with these ppl
  1073. Personal Philosophistric Perceptions: Infinitely Crisp Emptiness
  1074. Web Design Competition Rules: All Entries Less than 256 bytes
  1075. Soldier in Iraq pulls a Philosophistric Admission
  1076. Chomsky's Responsibility of Intellectuals
  1077. Random Collegiate Reflection: Welcome to the Great Landromat
  1078. My Favorite Photoblogs
  1079. +4 Funny: The solution to Friendster's database problems
  1080. Internet Group Poetry
  1081. Martha Helen Kostyra found guilty
  1082. You're looking fine Lucy--Perhaps this is how hominids learned to walk.
  1083. Phil, once small, became a dragon, thanks to thefacebook.com
  1084. Those Sorry Stanford Students, *weep*
  1085. Diary One-Liner: humbleness?
  1086. A wiser approach to decision-making
  1087. Does putting walls around your thoughts create a tunnel to success?
  1088. Quick Networking Tip
  1089. Dream Notes: Piloting to the Himalayas
  1090. Broken Marble - An Analogy for Living
  1091. Grey Tuesday!!
  1092. T. S. Eliot Quote on Exploration
  1093. Watching a film through the eyes of a chimp... sorta
  1094. Music Video Review: The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Tonight
  1095. Poetic Quote of the Day: What is Florida?
  1096. To those who associate me with the negative connotations of blogging
  1097. Quote from Sartre
  1098. Minutae: Techno Synchro with my mp3s
  1099. Snapshot of Technological Amputation of the Eye
  1100. Levy discusses Sartre
  1101. Tuesday's Poetic Quote of the Day
  1102. Personal Project: Perceptual Occulsion, Waking Hallucinations
  1103. Bush AWOL--relevant quote
  1104. Who needs RSS when you have Firefox?
  1105. Re-program yourself and you will win a Nobel Prize
  1106. POPCULTURE: Beatles + Jay-Z = WTF!
  1107. Politics: The New Kerry Scandal has no Legs
  1108. Science Observation: Diablo II, Stem Cell Research, WTF!
  1109. Shouts & Murmurs: Kipplenauts we Are
  1110. At the Gates of Alternate Consciousness: James and Huxley Chime In
  1111. Check out my poetry
  1112. Why our faces tell our personalities
  1113. Orwell echoes RE Internet
  1114. Hope for the Democrats: Bush fumbles interview
  1115. New Social Networking tidbit
  1116. Sliding Music Tastes
  1117. I Love Meeting My Equals
  1118. NEWS! Pilot discusses Christianity && End of Privacyish
  1119. Superbowl == Holiday
  1120. A Company, Google is Not
  1121. Systems Thinking: Clumping Fields and Adulthood
  1122. Phoetry: Rambling
  1123. Phoetry: Ovearching Complexes
  1124. Dammit Janet
  1125. My Blog Synchronizing with Me
  1126. Peer Balkanization
  1127. Do Singularitarians feel claustrophobic?
  1128. Philosophistry / Philip Dhingra's Ideals
  1129. Philosophistry's Message
  1130. Anecdotal Inspiriational Story
  1131. Emotional Aliens Among Us! Neon Green ALERT!
  1132. Welcome to Flat Land! The argument for my site's design
  1133. An Itch to Niche or a Niche to Itch
  1134. 2004 Starter Question
  1135. ATTN RSS USERS, wake up and smell Design 8888 of Philosophistry
  1136. PSA to Windows XP users
  1137. It's ALIVE
  1138. Why am I wooed by Dean
  1139. Re-ify, De-ify, Rune-ify
  1140. Old Guard v. New Guard LOVE
  1141. Denying the Antecedent Tales
  1142. Exercise v. Damage
  1143. Pursuit of Passion || *.* excuses
  1144. Endorsement and Emotions
  1145. Purpose of Emotions
  1146. Nurturing Mom liberal v. Strict Dad conservative
  1147. Harsh Reality of 2004 for me
  1148. Lord of the Rings an imitation of Wagner's 'Ring Cycle' ?
  1149. 2004 New Years Resolutions
  1150. 2004 phirst days progressivoss
  1151. 2003 NY Eve progressivo
  1152. (O...O....OXXXX) Rational Bowling
  1153. Finding my Voice (continuing story)
  1154. Summary of Differences betwen Political Left and Political Right
  1155. ****Marry Rich****
  1156. Did Al Gore 'Invent' the Internet?
  1157. Man blamed for --MetroSexual-- apologizes
  1158. xmas originzzzzzzzz
  1159. Why Aversion anyways?
  1160. Rationalizing an Aversion to Flak
  1161. The Finding Voice Chronicles (Parte Deux)
  1162. First Attempt at .|Finding my Voice|.
  1163. x
  1164. Skin Sensing ++
  1165. Newth Yearth Retholuthion
  1166. America.LOTR
  1167. this.blogger->fork()
  1168. Becoming a Baudrillartist
  1169. So, how was the movie || NEIN VOICE PHIL@!
  1170. Blog High
  1171. The Watching Life
  1172. Become a supernode identity, make mega-bucks!
  1173. Type II v. Type I error biases in life
  1174. Fallacies.matrix
  1175. Genderification
  1176. Wrauk Awn, Yeah!
  1177. Matrix Malvo
  1178. Natural.Stupidity.comm
  1179. Fear of being too Rational
  1180. NO TITLE
  1181. predetermined.self-determination
  1182. Convening the Society of the Mind
  1183. K-Street, HBO Reality Show
  1184. Excel Blogging
  1185. nO mOre bOOks
  1186. nEw modE (transcEndEnt)
  1187. iRRational, Runaway Reasoning
  1188. Why do we gossip about celebrities
  1189. Proposed Theory on Unhappiness
  1190. Experience the Big Bang
  1191. A Chat with the Global Destiny Nymphs
  1192. Bauling for Love
  1193. Phoetry
  1194. Colorio5in, tennistas de Photosophttt
  1195. 3D, super. glamish artist-dude
  1196. How does the river mind look like?
  1197. Navigating the Rivers of the Mind
  1198. Slipping Time on Keeps
  1199. Resistance and Choice Stream
  1200. Taking Kurzweil Too Far.. Maybe
  1201. New! - Phenotypical Destiny
  1202. Living vicors
  1203. BlogRewinding Spinning a-ROUND!
  1204. Pursuit of Passion == Pursuit of Narcissus?
  1205. The Meaning of Life
  1206. Universal Activism, Singularity Roles
  1207. Where does man's search for meaning end?
  1208. Manual Booting
  1209. Myth % of % Narcissus
  1210. Xtended Phenotypes ACTG^TCP/IP
  1211. BROADcast0rs
  1212. The Medium is the Message, ###
  1213. _._._. laughter yoga .-.-...-...
  1214. Tele-Immersion as SexXXXX HERE NOW!! only 13.95 USD
  1215. ..| Preventing Evaporation |..
  1216. Pornoportraiture ACK HACK goooshtllcr
  1217. Dare to be Ugly
  1218. Determinism and Non-Determinism in Art
  1219. Metacognitive Terrorism
  1220. Succeeding through non-Success? WTF? -- Stream of Confusionsciousness
  1221. What is today's most important unreported story (morning glory)?
  1222. If Search is the Past, Blogging the Present, what is the Future?
  1223. Jurvetson Video on Nanotech and Anecdotes on Systems-Theory re: business
  1224. War on Drugs Statistic..
  1225. Smashy Smash your idols
  1226. Gene Pool Simulator
  1227. WTF antedelluvians
  1228. Let's get pumped up about modern philosophical problems!!
  1229. Pathological Problems a sign of the Singularity
  1230. More on the Global Mind
  1231. Transhumanist FAQ
  1232. Maybe 2012 is not too optimistic
  1233. Explanation of Blogfabric colors
  1234. Free Will v. Determinism
  1235. emotional intelligence
  1236. Keys to the brain
  1237. The Coolest Sitemap Ever
  1238. Test
  1239. sigh
  1240. wow, look at all the colors
  1241. what is passion
  1242. how I pick colors for the blog fabric
  1243. dif'rnt arts?
  1244. A Test 4 Passion
  1245. Posting for the blogfabric
  1246. Soul firehose
  1247. To put
  1248. A Fire Inside (not the band)
  1249. The Iskra? The End of Selling Out?
  1250. Blogfabrics: An Introduction
  1251. Human & Abstraction, quickie
  1252. Stanford Senioritis Bearing Down
  1253. Philler: un-fully baked ideas
  1254. Dah, Too Many Essayists in the Blogosphere
  1255. RSS/Blog Chat
  1256. Why Psychology is Whack
  1257. Timeless Lack of Direction
  1258. OutKast Speakerboxxx/Love Below
  1259. Intuition on anti-work
  1260. Being Fake slingshot effect
  1261. Bicycle Karma
  1262. The Universe is Finite??? wtf
  1263. Giraffe and Dragon Union
  1264. Stanford Nerdism 292982
  1265. Stranger Loops
  1266. Micropayments Suck, Rule.. which one?... who cares.
  1267. The Death of Time
  1268. Neoteny
  1269. Personal Laundry Policy
  1270. Semi-Stream Consciousness: Mental Dragon Categories
  1271. Stream of Consciousness: A transition into a Worry State
  1272. Type of Women to Avoid
  1273. Nietzsche and Blogging Synchronicity
  1274. Building a House from a stack of Apache
  1275. Colored Tiles in Entries
  1276. Two Kinds of Depressions
  1277. Deciphering what is Natural
  1278. Problems with Control
  1279. It's just a bloody process
  1280. One True Love
  1281. 10 Things to do before I die
  1282. More meditation tips
  1283. This blog sucks
  1284. ATTN: Matrix Fans--Do not watch the Revolutions Trailer
  1285. National Lay the Smack-Down on your Landlord Day
  1286. Satanic Science
  1287. Life imitates Diablo
  1288. More than half the world has made a phone call
  1289. 2000 Article on Napster still cool
  1290. I agree with Bush foreign policy
  1291. Mass Elitsm
  1292. Astral plane and cyberspace
  1293. Concentration Fixation Limitation via Meditation?
  1294. Kaleidoscopic, Psychadelic DMT Flash crazy
  1295. Zooming User Interface
  1296. The Quarter System
  1297. How do people get from A to B in life?
  1298. When Natural Laws break down
  1299. The Anti-Porn Guy
  1300. Creativity Linked to mental illness
  1301. My Problem with my problems
  1302. Is this guy man or Gumbi?
  1303. Making Movable Type Plugins is easy!
  1304. Alternative Science and Spirituality, a magazine?
  1305. More research on happiness
  1306. Intuiton: It's Powers and Perils
  1307. The history of Michael Jackson's face
  1308. What is hedonism?
  1309. Salvador Dali
  1310. Scrapbook of bad design
  1311. The history of the female pelvis
  1312. Ethical Atheism
  1313. Art in small places
  1314. How to do the related links
  1315. How the webbed get webbier, part II
  1316. The Singularity is Here: The death of time
  1317. Amazing Dragon Artwork
  1318. Fourth First Impression of Stanford
  1319. Positive and Negative Memetics
  1320. I am back @ Stanford
  1321. SEC tango with Stock Market
  1322. Skepticism to my early Singularity claims
  1323. Past the 800th post
  1324. How the webbed get webbier -- a summary from Linked
  1325. Is Narcissism bad?
  1326. Personality Disorders Catalog
  1327. Self-Programming Lessons
  1328. Steve Martin - How I joined Mensa
  1329. Stumbleupon.com as XML
  1330. Amazon and TrackBacks
  1331. myLAR Update in sight? short-cut knowledge syndrome?
  1332. gfx art: Phoenix Nebula
  1333. From the Mundane to the Glorious
  1334. RE: Book-A-Minute Classics
  1335. Solipsistic Phil; Whadup Happiness?
  1336. Book-a-minute Classics
  1337. The Last Page of the Internet
  1338. Human Evolutionary Psychology Book
  1339. The Evolutionary Psychology FAQ
  1340. gfx art: 20-cent absolution
  1341. My Take on the Law of Accelerating Returns (myLAR) Part II - Templatization
  1342. Writing Improvements (WImps) Part I - Opening the Mind
  1343. Vanilla Sky Movie Script
  1344. Anatomy of Positive Experience
  1345. Summary of keys to psychological happiness
  1346. Psychology of Happiness
  1347. How Kids Interpret Radiohead
  1348. 50 Cent in Israel
  1349. My Take on the Law of Accelerating Returns (myLAR) - Part I - Runaway Sexual Selection
  1350. Dean Campaign as Marketing Case Study
  1351. secret to happiness?
  1352. the radical artists' manifesto
  1353. Plasma Intermediary Life Stage
  1354. Coolness + Dupe = Lame?
  1355. NATO Flash
  1356. Anna Kournikova anti-bounce bras!
  1357. Major Baring of the Psychological Soul
  1358. Lack of Posts
  1359. Green Queen - GFXartist.com -
  1360. Incoherence
  1361. 191 Links from Yesterday (IE History)
  1362. Can I form a morality
  1363. Shirky: Fame vs Fortune: Micropayments
  1364. IE History: Friday
  1365. ::: the future of ideas
  1366. File-Sharing Battle Leaves Musicians Caught
  1367. Trifecta of Mindjobs
  1368. Doing a little bit of
  1369. Thursday's Blogdreem
  1370. Schweitzer's Struggle to Find Life's
  1371. Penelope Cruz
  1372. Philosophistry Spruced Up
  1373. Intellectual Property Myths Debunked Debunked
  1374. Searching for the personal touch
  1375. George Bernard Shaw
  1376. Amazon.com: Excerpt from MY SECRET
  1377. Silly Government
  1378. IE History: Wednesday
  1379. Wesley Clark minus minus
  1380. Whataresume
  1381. Weapons and its relationship to History
  1382. To Reject or Accept the Simulacrum
  1383. Update your Windows XP Patches
  1384. Mental Expression
  1385. IE History: Tuesday
  1386. The Mixing Bowl that is my Race
  1387. Factoring Mistakes into Systems
  1388. DivX + mp3s = fun!
  1389. What's In Your Name -
  1390. Draft Wesley Clark Video
  1391. Ppl suck at Happiness
  1392. Evolutionary Neoteny
  1393. Wesley Clark Announcement Soon
  1394. Educate against the RIAA, et al.
  1395. 4:30
  1396. Vanilla Skyism
  1397. Yes to the Instant
  1398. High on Information
  1399. Logical Fallacies
  1400. Graphics Artist Mastor
  1401. Defenestration
  1402. Sunday Stroll
  1403. Embedded Reporters?
  1404. Life is but a blogdream
  1405. Some basic terms in memetics
  1406. Intro to Memetics
  1407. Good Political Quotes
  1408. Old School Terorrists
  1409. Rock on women
  1410. Friday's Spit
  1411. Sample Recall Ballot
  1412. Very good, long review of Contact
  1413. Why not now?
  1414. Figure Phil Out
  1415. Funny Psychology
  1416. DivX and IM
  1417. Way to end spam
  1418. Gen. Wesley Clark Contemplating 2004 Presidential Bid
  1419. Wednesday's Blogdream
  1420. Habit Forming
  1421. Approaching Concrescence Eschaton The last
  1422. Omega Man: A Profile of
  1423. Prophet's Manual - 2012 End
  1424. Aaron Swartz -- smart kid
  1425. Old School Rave Flyers Gallery
  1426. Ketera Technologies b2b
  1427. Seamless Wall Displays
  1428. Tuesday's Blogdream
  1429. Distracted Misplacements
  1430. Information Monster
  1431. Art Perspective: God is a Machine
  1432. Yesterday's Leftovers
  1433. That's Rich
  1434. Success with Success
  1435. National Geographic for Stoners
  1436. j00! radiohead!
  1437. Bumping teh Radohead
  1438. Revenge of the Insects
  1439. You speaka the l33t?
  1440. Kinetic Scupltures
  1441. 404: Page does not exist
  1442. This is Friday
  1443. rTMS: Yale Psychiatry
  1444. Google this, you must
  1445. Units
  1446. Bertrand Russell - Good Quote
  1447. Distributed Wi-FI
  1448. New Lucid Dreaming Trigger
  1449. Grand Central Dream
  1450. Another Good Signature from Shenkerian
  1451. Good Quote by cayenne8
  1452. O'Reilly Book Spoof T-Shirts
  1453. 404: Page does not exist
  1454. How to Blog your IE History
  1455. Thursday's IE History
  1456. Work Stinks
  1457. These guys! (from Peter)
  1458. Be Like the Pencil
  1459. Wednesday's IE History
  1460. Wake up!
  1461. A Clear Outlook on Life
  1462. Tuesday's IE History
  1463. To File and Comment Later
  1464. To Grasp Later
  1465. To Go to Later
  1466. To Learn Later
  1467. To Watch Later
  1468. Just Quit
  1469. Me==Popular
  1470. Welcome to anncoulter.com! You'd think
  1471. What happens after you win the lottery?
  1472. Webdesign Tips
  1473. Hate Crime Symbols
  1474. More from Moby
  1475. Read Moby's Journals
  1476. Goa-Trance
  1477. 10% of our brain?
  1478. The Blog Politic v. Congress
  1479. War on Drugs
  1480. Fuzzy Wuzzy Cuddly
  1481. Synchronized Titles
  1482. History of Blogging pre-2001
  1483. Anti-politician Dream
  1484. A BBQ and Spaceflight
  1485. Beige Parking, Hillside Construction
  1486. Leary +1 Witty
  1487. More on Huxley and Drugs
  1488. Interesting NASDAQ opening bell
  1489. Expand your mind
  1490. Is Property Theft?
  1491. New Hussein Family Members
  1492. Let's not forget Decepticon
  1493. Honda Civic Ricers
  1494. The Loner's Manifesto
  1495. I Ching and Creative Thinking
  1496. Text-Decorations and Eyeballs
  1497. Brain-Keyboard
  1498. BLANKJournal Explosion
  1499. Are You Even Conscious?
  1500. From WinAmp to Blog
  1501. What? You don't meditate?
  1502. Another hyper-wiggly blog
  1503. A New Architectural Piece from Slate
  1504. Stress Test it says... So,
  1505. Naming something v. Knowing Something
  1506. Apple - Any idea why
  1507. What Google Should Do
  1508. FYI
  1509. Craig W. Reynolds CV
  1510. Skulls gain virtual faces TRN
  1511. LOL II
  1512. Lexus.com Cool looking flash integrated
  1513. Namco - Soulcalibur II -
  1515. LOL
  1516. Blog with pix of hot
  1517. Plastic: Bowling For M.Bison --
  1518. The Major Modern & contemprary
  1519. Yahoo! News - NO ETHICS?
  1520. allworld Ingsoc plusridiculous bookwise (credit: metaluna mutant)
  1521. B-Level Resurrection
  1522. Simple v. Complex Lives
  1523. Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnoses of
  1524. Yesterday's History Dump
  1525. Design is Kinky and GMUNK
  1526. revolution.stanford.edu Think is a disorganization
  1527. Today's Ricers
  1528. Female Ricers
  1529. We Love Arnold ''It is
  1530. Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
  1531. Suicide Girls - Girl Fetish
  1532. Stability and Free Will
  1533. Origins of Yin Yang Symbol
  1534. Which mathematical structure is isomorphic
  1535. Weblogs in Education
  1536. Linkwrap: (1) Enter URL (2)
  1537. Mondo 2000 vs. Wired
  1538. The Doors of Perception
  1539. For Stranded, Sidewalks Are for
  1540. Praktica
  1541. Wired 1.06: 1993...
  1542. Look Under P for Paper:
  1543. Segway Sucks
  1544. Dennett's Deal
  1545. July 22, 2003
  1546. Emerson's The American Scholar: ''The
  1547. The Vaults of Erowid -
  1548. Info about Memes
  1549. Are there such things as
  1550. 10 years from now it won't matter?
  1551. Can you quantify the value of authenticity?
  1552. How to deal with the tentacles of Bureaucracy
  1553. Moblog Your World - textamerica.com
  1554. Who are the Brights?
  1555. EXTROPY INSTITUTE: Extropian Principles 3.0
  1556. Aphorisms Against Work
  1557. The lethal text
  1558. Windowsupdate.com DDOS
  1559. Is Rush any good? Some
  1560. A man who lives on the edge can only take one path in life.
  1561. Uncool Worthy
  1562. Novelty Theory
  1563. The Tautrix Reviewed
  1564. Covey's Right after all
  1565. Metaphysical Quote
  1566. Existentialism Philosophy (updated with Buber)
  1567. Standard Deviation
  1568. Beauty levels
  1569. from slate political cartoon
  1570. I want my BlogTV!
  1571. Mark Rothko
  1572. Stranger Attitudes
  1573. Few Words on the Design
  1574. Existentialism: A Primer
  1575. Existentialism Blog
  1576. Conservatives Quotes: ''Conservative: a statesman
  1577. The Devil's Dictionary
  1578. Noam Chomsky's Definition of God
  1579. Bertrand Russell on Christianity
  1580. Am I An Atheist Or Agnostic
  1581. Bertrand Russell [wikipedia.org]
  1582. For those that need independence...
  1583. The Wisdom Page
  1584. Wisdom Quotes
  1585. The Wisdom of Supermodels ...
  1586. Socrates Story
  1587. +! Genius
  1588. It All Depends on What
  1589. sketched Inverse
  1590. Thought Crime '''Sacred cows make
  1591. What a Quantum Mind looks
  1592. EducationGuardian.co.uk | Higher | The
  1593. Noosphere? n00p?
  1594. Is the Matrix upon us?
  1595. Interspecies Global Mind
  1596. Penrose Penrose Penrose.
  1597. Consciousness Expanding Agents
  1598. Tragedy of the anticommons -
  1599. Tragedy of the commons
  1600. Designing New Buildings for Historic
  1601. Keeping up with . .
  1602. Design Principals
  1603. The Fallacy of Contextualism: Dembski,
  1604. The Om Factor By Christopher Hawthorne
  1605. Walk-thru Fog Screen (Bob @
  1606. the abolition of work? (peter)
  1607. Gay Rights in through the Singularity
  1608. How God Works
  1609. Why Google bought Blogger
  1610. Made the observation today that
  1611. I just started getting into
  1612. Forgive me blogee...
  1613. Dating Sites snub.you
  1614. Posthuman Possibilities [betterhumans.com] POSTHUMAN POSSIBILITIES:
  1615. No Internet, No Transhumanism [betterhumans.com]
  1616. ABCNEWS.com : Calif. Dems Might
  1617. My physics friends over at
  1618. Hilts e-mailed this in regarding
  1619. Will we lose the "magic" in the Singularity
  1620. intelligence limitation
  1621. What if the universe consists
  1622. Intuitive Differences?
  1623. Deanisms
  1624. +1 Cute
  1625. Theorized Solution to Zeno's Paradox
  1626. USATODAY.com - Study links depression,
  1627. THE KOBE TIMES - Official
  1628. All your base are belong
  1629. The Official Website of NBA
  1630. NASCAR dads
  1631. should ''shoulds'' be tied to
  1632. The Height of Style -
  1633. (Regarding the 28 pages that
  1634. Dressed to kill: ''Few things
  1635. Problems at hand are lighter
  1636. Excellent usage of flash
  1637. Hack the Vote - How
  1638. Dilemma
  1639. College Sex Trivia Verbage
  1640. Gigli is now in the
  1641. Tap that Mana baby
  1642. Heady, but at least interesting concept...
  1643. Microsoft's ''big'' R&D show...
  1644. Thumbs up for White Stripes
  1645. +1 Ironic
  1646. AskMen.com - Meet women in Nightclubs
  1647. Unintended Problem with Blog-recieving AIM bots
  1648. Synchronicity Word of the Day
  1649. What rights should cyborg's have?
  1650. #!/usr/bin/perl ########################################## # #
  1651. Future of Blogging, Internet thinker
  1652. New Yorker, Woody Allen -
  1653. Teh Word of the day!
  1654. CNN.com - Congressman seeks to drive out Davis - Jul. 25, 2003
  1655. MindSay
  1656. KURT VONNEGUT: His life & work
  1657. The Propaganda Remix Project
  1658. Notion of free will
  1659. pIX of my room
  1660. Gamblin' Man
  1661. The BUG speaks
  1662. Bull Dog Sketch
  1663. What is Emotional Intelligence
  1664. Questions RE: free will:
  1665. Why do ppl hate bloggers
  1666. kerstalis: sometimes reading your posts
  1667. The other PKD
  1668. werk in progrezz
  1669. What is Enlightenment?
  1670. The First Sketch
  1671. Remember this
  1672. Self-Theory Problems
  1673. Matrix-y bullet-time w/o technology
  1674. How to become Invisible
  1675. Divsion of Labor
  1676. Grammatical Ambiguity
  1677. Iranian Protestors here
  1678. No more META
  1679. American Schmeauty
  1680. Addition to the Manual of Human Control
  1681. Data Addiction
  1682. Imperative-Based Life
  1683. go to google.com and type
  1684. gibson on Orwell
  1685. so..
  1686. froggy metphor
  1687. Server Outtage
  1688. Good Marketing Technique if I ever heard of one
  1689. Kerrynation
  1690. AI idea
  1691. Bits of Reality
  1692. Peddling Thoughts
  1693. Interior vs. Exterior
  1694. When being a human random
  1695. Lighting makes all the difference
  1696. Should governments lie to their people?
  1697. Product Guides and Reviews -
  1698. Sleepy_Hollow Girls are like apples
  1699. Pedophilia
  1700. January 1st, 2002 (On Too Much Thinking.txt)
  1701. January 1, 2002 (On Marriage.txt)
  1702. July 16th, 2001
  1703. September 9th, 2001
  1704. A method for curbing ennui and Western-style decadence?
  1705. Revolutions begin on slashdot and
  1706. November 9th, 2001
  1707. A Case for Religion?
  1708. Vital Stats
  1709. What am I now?
  1710. Instead of going all out
  1711. What is the Matrix (The Movie)?
  1712. Why do I paint?
  1713. BitTorrents
  1714. I just like the title...
  1715. Clever read
  1716. What's Cool in Japan What
  1717. Trends in Japan ''Freeter'' is
  1718. Rule of Thumb for Marketing Demographic Researchers
  1719. The Klaus Nomi Tribute Page
  1720. Simulacra and Simulation
  1721. Amazon.com: The Bonfire of the
  1722. Textism › An Annotated Manifesto
  1723. Humbling
  1724. chumpsoft.com Matt Wright's new gig
  1725. Wired 11.05 UNWIRED: 25 Companies
  1726. Identity Crisis
  1727. Threatened by the Instant
  1728. Asshat: Origins
  1729. Cataloging Emotions
  1730. ''Messiahs pointed to the door,
  1731. Brainspew on Social Networking, Abstractions, yada yada
  1732. Brainspew on Killer App Theory
  1733. Political Suave... Bush sticks to
  1734. Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
  1735. Pascal's Wager
  1736. Current spit-everything mode
  1737. What Is Kabbalah, Anyway? By
  1738. Morality of the PageRank
  1739. Programming the Mind
  1740. Trepia Ingeniously finding a silver
  1741. Flux Theory Every first year
  1742. Marshall McLuhan's The Medium is
  1743. ''People demand freedom of speech
  1744. Army and M.I.T. Unveil Futuristic
  1745. arrogance is ignorant confidence. (it
  1746. ''political corretness'' is a term
  1747. Are they keeping Osama bin
  1748. The War Room - What
  1749. Meme, meta-memes and politics by
  1750. Check out Contact Juggling. Esp.
  1751. Phillip Winn's The Matrix: Reloaded Review
  1752. spamthink
  1753. neurogenesis
  1754. Greek Philosophy: Plato, The Allegory
  1755. Telescopes of the World, Unite!
  1756. reality-distortion field [The Jargon Dictionary]
  1757. Fleischer to resign! He notified
  1758. Electromagnetic Spectrum - Introduction (today
  1759. Million, Billion, Trillion... (more education)
  1760. Definitions of the SI units:
  1761. Metallica!!! into POWS!
  1762. When I was young, I
  1763. Investing advice
  1764. Word of advice. On everything,
  1766. Nihilism definiton
  1767. Ladder Theory Page that basically
  1768. Martin Heidegger Link
  1769. Foundationalism and Hermeneutics
  1770. Matrix.Reloaded.TS-ESOTERiC file info - Message
  1771. Apple - Games... this is
  1772. Essay Depot - Philosophy, bit
  1773. My Son, the Robot
  1774. Our Posthuman Future
  1775. Baudrillard and Hollywood Okay, I'm
  1776. Almanac of Presidential Indiscretions
  1777. The Onion makes fun of
  1778. War technology on the horizon
  1779. Digestive Capabilities of the Great Consciousness
  1780. Bush in the Matrix
  1781. /. warning
  1782. Individuality and Religion
  1783. My inspiring cousin
  1784. Movie Idea
  1785. 50 Reasons to Reject The
  1786. Mark Twain quote
  1787. Offline PK - Online multiplayer
  1788. The truth can be bitter
  1789. Prodigy Sample Sources
  1790. Life imitates Onion
  1791. What am I doing?
  1792. Practical Philosophy
  1793. Moral Dilemma in X2
  1794. Daily Matrix (3 of X)
  1795. Daily Matrix (2 of X)
  1796. Daily Matrix (1 of X)
  1797. BBC | Europe's new heavyweight
  1798. Yahoo! News - Judge Names
  1799. The Clash of Civilizations World
  1800. Wired News: Hey, Who's That
  1801. Where is Raed ? ''the
  1802. Tommy
  1803. Colorado Mountain
  1804. A Gaggle of Robot Movies
  1805. Apple downloads ring sour note
  1806. Practical Tool
  1807. Philosophistry Reloaded
  1808. Retail Alphabet Game: 3rd Edition
  1809. New Animatrix The Second Renaissance
  1810. Matrix Reloaded Review
  1811. Plastic: Stay On The Scene,
  1812. Amazing Geek Toys ''The orbiTouch
  1813. Life is a series of
  1814. Vaden Health - Balancing your
  1815. It's OK to be Happy
  1816. I also have a good
  1817. Get this. There is a
  1818. Legal Age of Consent... And
  1819. Climber amputates arm to free
  1820. Creativity Web - Resources for
  1821. The Google Art creator
  1822. The whirlwind of time.... -
  1823. The Tautrix Revisited
  1824. This is Justin
  1825. Are ''interesting'' and ''creative'' types
  1826. Caedes Wallpapers (buck)
  1827. Commenting System
  1828. Los Angeles... toxic beauty... whatametaphor.
  1829. What is Philosophy
  1830. Are a priori arguments inevitable?
  1831. Thoughts on the Unabomber
  1832. ''A fool and his money
  1833. $3.75 - Web Site Hosting
  1834. Hiker amputates arm, rapels to
  1835. Early Conclusions on Sartre
  1836. A little problem with Sarte
  1837. 101 Reasons We Hate The Matrix
  1838. If you can't beat them,
  1839. The Matrix - It's Harry Potter
  1840. Lucid Dreaming intro
  1841. Hybrot!
  1842. What is the purpose of life?--The easy answer
  1843. Observe, Analyze, Apply
  1844. Negative space education
  1845. Reason 181892 for Leaving Stanford
  1846. Consumer Alert!
  1847. number aesthetics
  1848. Rankism
  1849. Shortcut Mental Imperatives
  1850. Practicality and the Matrix Reloaded
  1851. IMHO HMOs are WTF
  1852. ascetic
  1853. Art. Lebedev | Posters Barcodes
  1854. Today's Inside Joke
  1855. America the Dick The US
  1856. The Shiite Shockwave Already, a
  1857. J. K. Rowling, richer than
  1858. BuddyZoo BuddyRank is a measure
  1859. H/P/A/V/C. Hacking Phreaking Anarchy Virus
  1860. Problem 19181 of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  1861. Hu Jintao - Does he
  1862. Reason 282992 for leaving Stanford
  1863. Jeb Bush to NRA faux pas
  1864. (For the kiiids)
  1865. Automatic Centralized Receipts
  1866. New Robot with Facial Expressions
  1867. All art creates an effect.
  1868. What do women want?
  1869. Kindness of Strangers
  1870. Memories, like wine, fade well
  1871. Still one of the best
  1872. What's my age again?
  1873. Now that I'm 21...
  1874. The New Republic Online: Caesar
  1875. Just want to put this
  1876. Semiology
  1877. What is Life? Response Number 1918282882
  1878. In regards to US interest in post-war Iraq
  1879. The Worst Depression
  1880. What is Life? Response Number 1918928192
  1881. What is Life? Response Number 191918927.838
  1882. What is Life? Response Number 1981938928
  1883. What is Life? Response Number 3982389289
  1884. What is Life? Response Number 3838923918
  1885. Suicide Paradox
  1886. Toilet for Ricers Check out
  1887. Can you quantify suffering?
  1888. Margaret Stackhouse's Comments on '2001'
  1889. Letter from Neal Cassady to
  1890. Blink Blink - North Korean
  1891. Democratizing personal finances
  1892. Some approaches to business
  1893. Practical Business Tip
  1894. ''Role models? Thinkers are not
  1895. Gil Scott-Heron's Lyrics to ''Revolution
  1896. freedom of press?
  1897. Aphorism on wealth
  1898. If someone gives you an
  1899. Map game!. Some educational fun
  1900. On Nietzsche
  1901. Work and artist.--This artist is
  1902. Jacqumeter, French This!: 4%
  1903. What is the lifestyle? In
  1904. I admit, I watch the
  1905. basic patterns
  1906. Wired News: Building a Bigger
  1907. Great Halo 2 Screenshot
  1908. Review on Ginsberg's HowlGinsberg's HowlA
  1909. Company sells ‘Dis-information Minister’ doll
  1910. U.S. reportedly seeks Iraq oil
  1911. Phil-synchronicity
  1912. An amazing flash piece that
  1913. Obituraryness
  1914. The Smoking Gun: Prebituaries This
  1915. Guns, Germs, and Steel
  1916. Funny KaZaAness
  1917. Random Nietzsche quote
  1918. Final Scratch - Play Digital
  1919. Justification for the Tautrix method
  1920. The heaviest chains...
  1921. How to duplicate the effects of Marijuana
  1922. Reason 666319 for being an atheist
  1923. How to be a religious expert
  1924. I once knew a girl
  1925. Björn's Guide To Nietzsche
  1926. Vegetarianism anti-humanism
  1927. Rhetorical Question on Aging
  1928. not my lifestyle
  1929. Sartre's Rejection of the Nobel Prize
  1930. History of Kali and iFrag
  1931. ''Video Killed the Radio Star''
  1932. What my desktop looks like.
  1933. Sigur Rosism
  1934. Handheld Devices - Hand-held Flame-Throwers
  1935. Drexler v. Smalley
  1936. Wired: Beyond Wi-Fi - Ultrawideband,
  1937. Reason 666383 why I became an atheist (pre-Tautrix)
  1938. Subscription Service
  1939. (Note: Peterness == kerstalis) [22:22]
  1940. How addicted I am to blogging
  1941. Modern language between the sexes
  1942. a thousand years is but
  1943. obfuscation
  1944. I am an idiot.
  1945. The nature of genius is
  1946. Impulse v. Spontanaeity
  1947. You are only a slave
  1948. If all's well that ends
  1949. It's weird how even in
  1950. Idleness
  1951. Activities For the Idle
  1952. Who is contributing the most
  1953. When Chaz and I were
  1954. One of the biggest mistakes
  1955. Philosophers are just artists +
  1956. This is my cousin. Yes,
  1957. When was the last time
  1958. Screw Palm V
  1959. The Birthday Present
  1960. Honda's New Accord - A
  1961. What is the secret to humor?
  1962. The key to great modern and post-modern art
  1963. People who I'm going to
  1964. Today's guilt: I started thinking,
  1965. Being able to do some
  1966. Assad's Situation - Syria's military
  1967. Woody Allen : : The
  1968. There's got to be some
  1969. You really don't look at
  1970. RE: the quote in the
  1971. Another self-quoted aphorism
  1972. Was Neo, from the Matrix,
  1973. Here's a stab. Second place
  1974. What I lack in quality,
  1975. How to get free software?
  1976. F. Scott Fitzgerald: ''The test
  1977. Sometimes the music just needs
  1978. I get sick of the
  1979. There's a subtle distinction between
  1980. Due to A) my desire
  1981. Google History
  1982. Come, come, come my little
  1983. If you have money, here's
  1984. Hilarious Woody Allen Quotes. Some
  1985. Woody Nihilismallen
  1986. The all is relative argument
  1987. Man, I need to tone
  1988. All questions on morality boil
  1989. Nietzsche, the Bible, you?
  1990. Reason 1819 for leaving Stanford
  1991. Reason 2999 for leaving Stanford
  1992. Reason 1848 for leaving Stanford
  1993. Reason 3829 for leaving Stanford
  1994. Reason 2838 for leaving Stanford
  1995. Man, if it wasn't for
  1996. Why Nerds are Unpopular When
  1997. ''Life is a concept. It's
  1998. Scientific American: Parallel Universes The
  1999. u.can.doit
  2000. The Case for Looting By
  2001. Syn-chro-f'ing-nicity and Nietzsche
  2002. Convience or Reality Evolution
  2003. Buckism du jour
  2004. SmarterChild is an interactive, artifically
  2005. Raz
  2006. ''Man, I look sketchy'' ''Yeah,
  2007. The ultimate goal of the
  2008. rain-drop metaphor
  2009. ''A question mark is intellectual
  2010. Special FX vs. wrong ideas
  2011. Iterative approach to the you-business
  2012. Right to privacy
  2013. On sharing trade secrets
  2014. The Solo Entrepreneur's Business Plan
  2015. Serendipity vs. Going with the flow
  2016. On Deadlines
  2017. WWND?
  2018. The Matrix: Philosophy
  2019. Godotra
  2020. My stance
  2021. How to become an sophist critic in 5 min.
  2022. Full-text of Army Field Manual
  2023. Higher Bar for Individuality
  2024. 21 in 21
  2025. Vertigo Comics, Y Last Man
  2026. After a miniscule quantum holiday,
  2027. Losing Old Friends
  2028. Anti-anti war protestors
  2029. Human Elevation
  2030. Welcome to the Tautrix!
  2031. Brilliant Response by Niall about ''The Second Superpower''
  2032. The Second Superpower While some
  2033. Dope Flash Clock
  2034. Palpatine or Bush?
  2035. Meta-blog
  2036. World's Smallest Political Quiz Take
  2037. The poetry of D. H.
  2038. Welcome to the Crotch Presidency:
  2039. Funny Dubya Pix - This
  2040. Inside Joke for Today
  2041. On Spontanaeity
  2042. Bored?
  2043. RegretEverything. Oh god, not another
  2044. Hamlet: ''...I could be bounded
  2045. Excerpt from Phil's Dictionary philosophisticated
  2046. ascetism and time of day
  2047. COMPY 386 - StrongBad and
  2048. The Omega Point and Life
  2049. singularity.jpg
  2050. Future of A.I.
  2051. Sometimes I confuse the two,
  2052. Buck & Meta Thought
  2053. Somebody needs to write a
  2054. In the National Portrait Gallery
  2055. I'm betting, bolder every minute.
  2056. Check the time stamps on
  2057. A rule I'm going to
  2058. See, that's a great example
  2059. But, you know what the
  2060. As you can see, my
  2061. Pre-Tautrix Mumblings
  2062. My Goal
  2063. Deletion Resistance
  2064. Speed Blogging Part II
  2065. Speed Blogging
  2066. Criticize Mediums?
  2067. Fiction Writing no-no
  2068. Why do you blog?
  2069. Meta-blog
  2070. An excerpt from Phil's Original
  2071. Somebody should post a blog
  2072. Spandrels
  2073. If it takes two to tango, why not salsa dance?
  2074. On ''shock'' art
  2075. File Compression: New Tool for
  2076. audblog audio post
  2077. Disclaimer: the following flies in
  2078. Last blog outside my 9-to-5,
  2079. Today's non-sequitors: Christopher Pike and
  2080. This is kind of meta-silly.
  2081. Test for Passion
  2082. Virtual War?
  2083. I promised I wouldn't blog
  2084. TIA and Google
  2085. Singularity Poem
  2086. From iceplant radio - Michael
  2087. Truth be damned, the girl
  2088. What is the Singularity? You
  2089. Design the best educational system?
  2090. Think. Try to think of
  2091. Where did everything come from
  2092. Can you read a face?
  2093. Journalist Embedded with FOX News
  2094. Earth Screen Saver for Windows
  2095. Feature ::. San Diego's Urban
  2096. ''Dear phillip, I refreshed your
  2097. Relationship to Singularity
  2098. War-Game Non-Surprises
  2099. The best knowledge is the
  2100. 9mm Special Effects - The
  2101. Population Expansion, New unhappiness, New fulfillment
  2102. Wired News: An Antidote for
  2103. The Flaw in Shock and Awe
  2104. The Onion | Point-Counterpoint: The
  2105. Philip Dhingra's Amazing Adventures -
  2106. Do more intelligent beings exist?
  2107. homunculs
  2108. So you want to be
  2109. Wells, H.G. 1922. A Short
  2110. Operation Backyard Snowboarding aka OPBS.
  2111. ArtSoul Fiery and Fun Abstract
  2112. Jhno - Epitonic.com Jhno started
  2113. The Secular Web Community of
  2114. Marijuana Growing - learn to
  2115. The Black Heart Procession -
  2116. Anglosphere Primer To be part
  2117. Wired 11.04: START Know Your
  2118. Hi, my name is Shephard
  2119. Brainwave entrainment theory, Mind Altering
  2120. A new day is dawning.
  2121. Quantum Theology
  2122. Beryllium.ca: MangoBery Content Management System
  2123. MSNBC Images of War
  2124. There's this article on slashdot
  2125. AH! I found a way
  2126. Have you heard of Chicxulub?
  2127. Wow, okay, that took a
  2128. What is Philosophistry

  2129. Creative Commons License