Relationship to Singularity

by phil on Friday Mar 28, 2003 3:59 PM
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In convo with A**** today, concluded: everybody is working or relating to the singularity in some way. Some are architecting it, like venture capitalists. Some are architecting it "actively" such as Kurzweil. Others are passively helping it, voters, soldiers, anybody. And others, well, are just buying it! Yes, my cousin is the Singularity(TM) consumer style. He's got the bluetooth ear piece (un)connected to a $300 semi-G3 cell phone. Got the pad in La Jolla with plasma screen, dot-com in his basement with roommate, computer equipment and people doing his bidding everywhere, the latest and greatest in fashion. This guy is on the bleeding edge of the toys of singularity.

Contrast my relationship, which is more an appreciation and expression of the singularity. I look, I process, I disseminate. That's what I've always been good at, that's why I could have won "most outspoken" in High School if I wasn't so busy dot-comming and being politically correct.

What's your relationship to the Singularity? Are you actively engaged, passively contributing, or actively disengaging, thereby only helping to promulgate it?

UPDATE: A**** is my 1-year younger cousin who smells bad. Oh, and he wanted his IM name here, A****D00 so that he can share his body odor with bitches and ho's that fall in love with his relationship with the Singularity(TM).

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