There's this article on slashdot

by phil on Tuesday Mar 11, 2003 9:38 AM

There's this article on slashdot whining about how bad e-mail is and how abused it is by the public. (discussion thread)

What the hell. I feel like e-mail has reignited the old tradition of letter-writing to pals from far away. I sit down, pick some friends I haven't spoken to in a while (like a week) and craft a nice, lengthy e-mail about my life, about theirs, about issues, etc. It's great, it improves my written communication skills significantly--everyday it's like I'm getting essay-writing experience. Plus, writing and receiving lengthy, well-written, and interesting e-mails is like a breath of fresh air in this world of hyperactive marketing and "blurbs."

I always wanted to be that amateur brain corresponding with other brains through long letters. I admired Churchill and Ghandi who wrote each other letters like that, many of which are published and now remnants of a time when people cared about the flow of words.

When I was young, I wished I had pen pals, but my handwriting sucked.. I'm impatient and have shaky hands. Plus it's tedious, expensive, and insecure.

Go e-mail!

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