What is the Singularity? You

by phil on Sunday Mar 30, 2003 12:16 PM

What is the Singularity?

You are so much smarter, enlightened, and cultured now than I bet you would have been without the progressive arc of the last 10 years. I have friends who were just clueless teenagers at one point and are now talking about things like, "finding their passion" or "living the good life." How did they get so advanced so quickly? All I can really say is network effects. I read a book, I send an e-mail, somebody gets a phone call, a suggestion is made to watch a cool indie film, an inspiration is produced, another thought is generated, somebody writes an idea down, a web page gets made, hits are produced, fame is created, encouragement is reached, desire is created, work is produced, freedom is reached.

Think, with the Internet and things today, you can now truly shine on your crazy diamonds. Your resume speaks shit compared to what a Google search on your name shows. What happened to Yahoo!, the great corporation Yahoo! Google is stomping on them. What happened to 20th century existentialism and continental philosophy? Transhumanism has superceded it in importance in a heart beat.

With every 24-hour cycle of sunlight, the Internet activity peaks, the electrical usage activity surges, and innovations are created, disseminated, applied in a geometric multiplicity of brobdingnagian proportions.

Sure, digital divide, blah blah You are only aware of the digital divide now because you read about it somewhere, probably on the Internet or on your cable news channel.

Remember when Neo in the Matrix put his finger into the baroque mirror and pulled it out with some chrome-like goop. Remember when he was engulfed into the mirror and the camera went through a tunnel lined with the same chrome-like goop. Remember the sound during the transit? It was like a high-pitched scream interlaced with synthesizations. That is how I feel now. That is what's happening now. That is the singularity.

UPDATE: According to Buck Fudda RE: the sound referenced above: "they put his scream through an enharmonic filter with progressively deeper and deeper envelope, while simultaneously resynthesizing it with a granular synth of some sort (Kyma?), adding more space between the granules with each sample. The filter makes it sound progressively more like a bell...by adding the weird harmonics that are produced inside a bell." I'm sure somebody somewhere out there knows what the heck all of that means.


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