a thousand years is but

by phil on Wednesday Apr 16, 2003 9:46 PM
Waking Life, The

a thousand years is but an instant. there's nothing new, nothing
different. same pattern, over and over. the same clouds,
the same music, the same as i felt an hour or an eternity
ago. there's nothing here for me now, nothing at all.
now i remember, this happened to me before, this is
why i left. you have begun to find your answers.
although it will seem difficult, the rewards
will be great. exercise your human mind as
fully as possible, knowing that it is only
an exercise. build beautiful artifacts,
solve problems, export the secrets
of the physical universe, savor the
input from all the senses, feel the
joy, and sorrow, the laughter, the
empathy, compassion and tuck these
emotional memories in your travel
bag. i remember where i came
from, and how i became human,
why i hung around and now,
my final departure schedule:
this way out... escaping
velocity, not just
eternity, but

- Ryan Powers
The Waking Life

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