Anti-anti war protestors

by phil on Thursday Apr 10, 2003 7:12 AM

I think it is unfair and impractical for the anti-anti-war protestors to start gloating and ragging on the peaceniks.

The anti-war protestors were precisely the force that made this war end the way it did. They put pressure on the government to ensure that there would be no "Blood for Oil." This pressure resulted in more attention to developing precision-guided weapons and strategies that were politically correct. If the government had no counter force to the one-way Bush position, then this would have been a more dishonest war, one with more bloodshed on both sides, and henceforth possibly a lengthier and clumsier war. With an older plan that didn't care to just destroy strategic buildings and instead wish to carpet-bomb and send US troops en masse, the resulting bloodbath would have potentionally emboldened the Iraqis and emotionally derailed the Americans.

Hopefully, the outcome of this war won't quiet the doves in the future. Unfortuantely, this war only makes it too easy to forget the real lesson of Vietnam: arrogance is dangerous.

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