Here's a stab. Second place

by phil on Tuesday Apr 15, 2003 2:31 PM
success lessons

Here's a stab. Second place is better than first place. I've noticed that whenever I've gotten first place, I've always simultaneously gotten swept away with the success and subsequent follow-up activity combined with natural complacency. Second place is better because you're still a little bit at a distance from where you want to be, but close enough that you're satisfied, and unpopular enough so that you can leave and do something else.

Unless of course, 2nd place becomes the new complacency, then you're screwed. But I always like my tastes and everything else to be one cut below the supreme highest, that way I know I'm not risking kissing up to some abstract norm of high art, but that am at least tainted with some base, raw, dirty, lower-class tastes. In other words, "down to earth" in whatever way a dude who blogs all day can ever be?

Take that Amelette and your high art!

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