Higher Bar for Individuality

by phil on Thursday Apr 10, 2003 2:06 PM
Singularity, individuality

In the standard normal curve of people, there are outliers and exceptions. In many cases the exceptional are those that are born with some natural quality that makes them stand out from the norm. Upon being distanced from everybody else, they get used to being extraordinary and develop deeper into uniqueness.

Recently--like this past century--a new kind of exceptional class was born: the average hero. These are born with all features so boringly "normal." Upon crashing into the still water of society, they make no ripple, and subsequently invent ways to compensate. This explains the phenomenon of how easy it is to discover hidden talents and interests in the not-ugly people of large cities. (those in small town lack the social pressure to gain attention).

Now, with the Singularity and all, I would like to define a new kind of exceptional person. A super-exceptional person would be one who was symed with qualities that are two standard deviations above the norm. This person would be beautiful, interesting enough, physically fit, emotionally stable, etc. If this person, despite all of that, could spontaneously develop a desire to become unique and to stand out, that would be truly exceptional. This would help break the "misfit" look that has now become commonplace in the "sophisticated" circles of youth.

Killing Banality(TM), the new fragrance from the 21st Century.


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