by phil on Wednesday Apr 16, 2003 8:55 PM

What does idleness mean? I mean, how and why can it be pejorative? Heh, one response to my previous posts and a LOT of my posts on Philosophistry is just, well, "man, this guy has a lot of idle time." What's the difference between my idle time and your idle time? Is your time at work where you're slaving away at some product that "helps people" or some other invented construct of meaningfulness, is that NOT idleness? You probably only took the job for a need or a passion? Can pursuing your passion be determined as idleness? I don't think so, at least it doesn't seem. If it is, then well, I guess we're all idle and one dishing of an "idle" label to someone else is just really someone saying, "I find what you do unimportant and what I do more." People tell me that all the time but never realize the iceberg of mega-judgement they bring with these comments.

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