by phil on Tuesday Apr 29, 2003 7:32 PM

Like, WTF ("what the fuck" for you antediluvians), but like well, since I'm not a student, I can no longer be part of my mom's medical insurance. As a result, I'm now off to fend myself in this cacophony of HMOs, PPOs, POS's and other three-letter WTFs. Anyways. The dilemma.

The dilemma, is I can embrace this whole modern-day construct called healthcare, know all about it, read up on all the diseases I can prevent, learn more about all the things I could die for, visit the doctor often to have him tell me what's wrong with me, and just in general, submit to poor style, imho. Rousseau would say, we're all going to die at some point, it's just doctors and such keep killing us early with fear and "problems" such that we no longer know how to feel pain nobly.

I know we didn't have these things before, and everybody was fine then, right? I've heard of people out there who NEVER have gone to the hospital and hence never have to deal with it. And yet, the colored brochures, the colored pills, the taupe hospitals, the taupe doctors...

The answer is probably, common sense, balance, yada yada. But still, WTF.

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