Modern language between the sexes

by phil on Wednesday Apr 16, 2003 9:52 PM

Can someone please do a cultural anthropological study on the changing "modern" relationship between men and women in America? In the film Far From Heaven we see how men, the victors of war, returned home and were taken care of by their subservient, gentile, Victorian wives. Men spoke and women accepted. Now, as I see in sitcoms like Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond, the situation is much different. Man is a burden on the woman. The woman communicates to the man through sarcasm and austere assertion while as the man plays his role out as the funny man that makes mistakes but still sacrifices for the family. A woman's love is like an obligation that she keeps having while as the man is blithely oblivious.

Personally, I prefer neither periods of gender roles. I guess we'll have to settle with being equal friends for now.

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