Negative space education

by phil on Wednesday Apr 30, 2003 12:24 AM
art theory, education

In studying art and becoming a good artist, an important tool is being able to focus in on negative space. Negative space is the space outside of that which is active or positive. For example in the following character "0" there is the black, outlined circle, the positive space. The negative space would be the solid white interior of the circle.

Now, couldn't this negative space reasoning be applied to education as well. Couldn't you learn a lot from the things you don't know or aren't learning? Aren't there insights to be gained from the holes of knowledge you have? Sure, creativity, intuition, shortcuts, etc. Moreover, this relates to me leaving school. Not being in school has educated me so much about myself. The tension created in me and around me by prematurely ending my studies has taught me so much about my values and the value of school. A more clearer vision about my motivations, about school's value to me, and the value of an undergraduate degree on others has become more apparent to me by leaving school then by being at school.

Sometimes the greatest insights come from pause, and not action. From closing your eyes rather than from looking. From becoming nothing rather than otherwise.

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