by phil on Thursday Apr 17, 2003 8:57 PM

I'm doing a little bit of renegade synchronicity. In the past 10 min. I've had this manic need to e-mail a bunch of people I never e-mail all with some positive words, questions about updates on their life, and a funny story. The story I've been including is the Whore of Mensa just because it was on my clipboard and because I genuinely think my audience will enjoy it. What turned into a few e-mails is now turning into an experiment on synchronicity. If I e-mail enough Stanford students who are in enough dorms and different equivalence classes, this story will ripple through the campus all at the same time. They may share it with others who will share it with others, and then people will go, "Woah, I just heard about the SAME EXACT thing from some one else."

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