Pre-Tautrix Mumblings

by phil on Wednesday Apr 2, 2003 1:03 AM
religion creation, secular religion

Passing reference to my long religious post two days ago. In addition to the emotional statements that those who believe in conventional religions are party to, I should come up with new ones. Since this is going to be something that may last for a while, I'm going to take my time thinking and researching for good names for things to worship.

I can already think of a new "thing" to add to the mosaic of spirituality that I want to create. This general exponential increase, this sort of line that's at about 10 degrees at the moment, and will eventually pick up until it's a 90 degree angle of singularity-like progress, it seems like a good avatar. Some chimera of sort. I've been referring to it, as I did in the "My Goal" post right before, that I need to muscle over it, or wrestle with it. Wrestling with a chimera sounds pretty neat. So, project, got to research into some historical myths about dragons in Medieval and current culture. Combine with some Matrix/chrome like style, and bam, we got a winnar.

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