RE: the quote in the

by phil on Tuesday Apr 15, 2003 2:42 PM

RE: the quote in the previous post that I stole from Jason Soares

[14:42] kerstalis: well, give credit if people like it
[14:43] PhilDhingr: sorry
[14:43] PhilDhingr: can't do that
[14:43] kerstalis: if they don't .. then leave it as if it were your own
[14:43] kerstalis: :) ahahhah
[14:43] PhilDhingr: good artists copy
[14:43] PhilDhingr: great artists steal.
[14:43] kerstalis: Thomas crown?
[14:43] PhilDhingr: and I that is my "good" intention.
[14:43] kerstalis: ahahh
[14:43] PhilDhingr: haha
[14:43] PhilDhingr: more like Eliot, punk.

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