Serendipity vs. Going with the flow

by phil on Saturday Apr 12, 2003 1:31 PM

Let's say it's 10pm, you're at college or some other dynamic event-spawning location, and then the opportunity arrives to do something that you only have lukewarm interest into, let's say, going to watch a movie. In those situations, I recommend that you say no up front and just have a little bit of patience. If you raise the bar on how interested you have to be in order to do something, serendipity will magically find you and all of a sudden you'll find yourself in a surprising situation that is much better than your alternative. So, in summary, if you find yourself with a fluidity of action, don't abuse your freedom by retreating to some bivouac, rather open yourself up to complexity. Visit some random dorm, move around, or pick up the phone, but whatever you do, don't settle for the not-boring and not-uninteresting.

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