Speed Blogging Part II

by phil on Wednesday Apr 2, 2003 12:44 AM

No but really, what if I could blog as fast as I could think. Really, I can pretty much type my stream of consciousness. I guess that's a start. Maybe what's stopping me, maybe it's the public nature of this blog. I have to sort of, craft and punch my ideas into shape so that it can be communicated to somebody other than number one. Also, there's the tip of the iceberg thing. My stream thinking touches the tips of many icebergs of thought, and so if I were to just mention them in passing, I'd have to tap the whole iceberg so as to not leave you completely in the dark. Or maybe I can create a new way of speaking or thinking or whatever that'll allow me to just disclose the tip in a certain way such that you can get, at least maybe, 85% of the rest of the iceberg, by filling in the blanks yourself.

This is how me and Dell have an affinity, we both love efficiency like the masses love inefficiency.

PS, I'm reading Nietzsche now, similarities, thanks, him, color my blogging negative tone.

PPS, also, blog, slow-down, like to read my writing

PPPS, single words, annoying, try other tip method thinking.

PPPPS, Possibility personal orwellspeak = new blogspeak

PPPPPS, Too much fun.

PPPPPPS, Will inform creatively on this new form. Expect: creative compression. Expect: new beauty. This is why I love blogging.

PPPPPPPS, okay, let's take this semi-seriously okay. Well, I don't want to make it like, single punches of words. That'll first just be too annoying, and it'll just give you an impression, but without the context, I doubt any serious matter will get transferred. Orwellspeak, well, that's kind of annoying. I think, well, what I think I'm getting at, well, I don't want it to sound like poop. You should still be able to read it with ease. Stream-of-consciousness is nice because it is well read with ease. There's the tip of the iceberg phenom. I bet I could speed things up 50% just with some parsimony of words. Things can get too wordy and Orwell wrote an essay on being too wordy. So, that might help. I could also just be more creative with my presentation. Instead of long logical introductions, I could provide simpler and more beautiful constructions. I just have to make sure I don't sacrifice beauty for speed. Although speed of delivery is an aesthetic... in the sense that you get a chunk of good ideas, rather than clumps of great ones.

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