Syn-chro-f'ing-nicity and Nietzsche

by phil on Monday Apr 14, 2003 4:18 PM
Nietzsche, synchrony

Syn-chro-f'ing-nicity. That's today's tmesis. It's in reference to my previous post and how I coincidentally JUST read about thought origins in Nietzsche. In Book III of the Great Procipher's Lexis the Gay Science, he talks about the Origin of Knowledge and the Origin of Logic. It's almost like my current odyssey through his lexis arranged my neurons to match Nietzsche's state of mind. After our heads were synchronized, our neural networks worked in parallel and then ran into similar subsequent thinking. That's how I'm guessing synchronicity may work. Now imagine that this pattern multiplies out and that my discussions with people set their brains the same way and that they too also start to think the same thing. Or by me posting this on my blog and a hundred people reading about it, having similar thoughts, and then jumping to the next thoughts, further propagating it to their blogs or friends, we can see how the large groups of people can have synchronous thought. Synchronous thought becomes synchronous religion, ad infinitum, yada yada yada....

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