The heaviest chains...

by phil on Thursday Apr 17, 2003 4:18 PM

The greatest form of enslavement for the ambitious is thinking that someday, you might become a politician. This prevents you from do all sorts of fun stuff that normal twenty-somethings are wont to do. Seriously, if all you are going to do is make money, raise a family, and lead a life of personal significance, the only things you need to avoid are felonies.

I knew a kid at Stanford who built his whole personal behavior on tip-toe-ing around things that could prevent him from someday becoming a Senator. This involved not drinking in public... could lead to not being allowed into law school. This involved not breaking and entering... didn't want to risk getting suspended or kicked out which could derail his unbroken line of successive smooth graduations. This involved avoiding three-somes... didn't want a Lewinsky-like reputation to follow him into office.

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