The Omega Point and Life

by phil on Wednesday Apr 2, 2003 10:08 AM

The Omega Point and Life in the Universe "How long can life survive in the universe? Can it evolve forever, or will the third law of Thermodynamics lead to universal heat death? Apparently there might be some ways around this fate, if intelligent life is sufficiently clever and tenacious."

Interesting stuff by people who have thought of the biggest picture of them all, surviving the death of the universe. I believe more in Tipler's scenario since I'm more intimate with our ever accelerationg order and time infinitely slowing down. Maybe there's a Planck Constant for time, i.e. there's an atomic unit of time. I'm unfamiliar with Dyson's scenario. As for Linde's scenario, I don't believe in baby universes. I think that travelling to other universes or creating new "universes" defeats the term universe. The universe is all possibly accessible existence. It is either open or closed. I will have to read more. Don't stress too much about this though, worry about your girlfriend and dayjob.

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