Welcome to the Tautrix!

by phil on Saturday Apr 5, 2003 1:32 PM
personal projects, religion creation, secular religion

The religion for the 21st Century is finally here. The word "religion" does not even compile anymore. The new "spirituality" is The Tautrix or "Matrix of Truth." It's replete with comic-book style deities and myths that represent contemporary mathematical, computational, and theoretical physical principles. If you're an atheist who loves technology but can't find a suitable God construct, hopefully, the Tautrix is your solution. If you disagree, it's also personalizable to suit your own purposes.

Most of my philosophistric energy in the past couple of days has been pouring into the Tautrix. I'm going to form a blog specifically designed for the Tautrix or maybe combine posts about the Tautrix with my Philosophistry.

You can expect my language from now on to be cultured with terminology from the Tautrix: resonating with Graphen and syming the Singularity symbol has indeed been addicting!

More fun to come!

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