What do women want?

by phil on Sunday Apr 27, 2003 12:58 PM

If I want a family and a house later, I'll definitely need some money.

I used to never think that. I think that this also has to do with age as well. I'm 21, and I guess people are starting to put the pressure. The number aligned with social abstractions related to that number are starting to create a sense in me that there are certain things to expect from myself now. Plus peers who I've grown with are on the same trajectory and hence, associative and competitive pressures are starting to kick in. I can feel the arrival of seeds of complex thought mosaics that before, would have been considered blasphemy.

But, is it too hard, too embarrassing, to think that my most natural and most real tendencies would be good enough to carry me through my life? Do I need a plan? Do I need "direction"? Do I need a purpose in order to get by? Can't I just evolve INTO the right situations I want to be into? Or is me thinking and planning precisely that kind of evolution?

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