What is Life? Response Number 3838923918

by phil on Sunday Apr 27, 2003 12:37 AM

[00:07] Seemaboo: life is that period of time where a living thing come into existence and behave in a way dictated by his biological made-up and then when it has used up its resources it dies off and cease to exist.
[00:09] Seemaboo: In life, you will feel all the emotions you are inherited with.You will feel happy, sad, angry etc etc as you go on in life.Your emotions will guide your actions and paint the road for your destiny. Everyone has a destiny.
[00:11] Seemaboo: Some people are very contented with life, they are happy with what they have these emotions will guide them to lead a simple live. Some people will have great aspirations in life, they are more fiercely competitive and have another set of emotions to drive their living of their own life. They will set standards for themselves to
achieve. Whatever it is, everyone is granted this thing called life. It is then up to you what you would like to do with it.
[00:12] Seemaboo: anyhow, the meaning of life can be confusing, you won't know the answer if you are still living because you will want to know what is death then. but dying doesn't guarantee that you will know the meaning of life either because nobody can tell you what is life after death.
[00:13] Seemaboo: so, psssh. I don't know what life really is.

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