What is Life? Response Number 3982389289

by phil on Sunday Apr 27, 2003 12:38 AM

[00:02] PhilDhingr: what is life, jason?
[00:02] mrshahehe: that which we perceive it to be
[00:02] PhilDhingr: what is life to you?
[00:03] PhilDhingr: what do you perceive it to be?
[00:03] mrshahehe: life has a crazy kind of wave-particle duality
[00:03] mrshahehe: a snapshot, or immediate perception, can be vastly different from a perception over an interval
[00:04] mrshahehe: my immediate perception is daily routine...school, hw, studying, work, reading, etc
[00:05] mrshahehe: whereas an intervalic definition, say of the college years, is a lot of maturing, learning the value of hard work, figuring out what I want to do with my future & how to get there, making plans
[00:06] PhilDhingr: innerteresting.
[00:07] mrshahehe: it's a bit over-functional as a result of school
[00:07] mrshahehe: unfortunately

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