Wired News: Building a Bigger

by phil on Sunday Apr 20, 2003 1:22 AM

Wired News: Building a Bigger Search Engine LookSmart is confident that the number of Grub volunteers will continue to grow, and is hopeful that in time -- perhaps several months -- the system's "distributed crawl" will be capable of indexing all of the Web's estimated 10 billion pages -- every day.

I was just talking with AustinSmith about making a better search engine than google, AND I was discussing here about the downward spiral of Google. I think this kind of thing looks promising and would fit in well with the direction the Internet has been heading since it started. i.e. the rise of the individual and information distribution. (Look at DNA, marriage, personal transcendance through religion, democracy, Napster, blogging, FOXnews??... yeah, that's the abberation, or is it just the result of individuals' collective market pressure).

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