Daily Matrix (1 of X)

by phil on Saturday May 10, 2003 11:51 AM

Okay, I admit, I've got the Matrix bug. I've been watching all the Animatricies, I've watched the trailer at least 30 times, and I even watched the Matrix on FOX despite actually having the DVD player (my DVD player is actually in another room, so HAH!). No, but anyways, forgive the posts about the Matrix coming up.

First off, let's bare some truth here. One: the first Matrix while as being a tight movie, was not THAT good. Bear with me here... you have to beware the magical workings of marketing, cultmania, and our minds' weaknesses. But basically, for me, I saw the first movie in theaters and thought it was pretty dope after I saw it. However, I also felt that it dragged on a bit and that there were dull spots. I bought the DVD and also struggled to watch it because many scenes just seemed like special FX and nothing really special. Plus the philosophopsycho-babble got annoying at times. But, as time went on, after I bought a huge poster of the Matrix, after all the new trailers, after hearing other people recall how much they loved the Matrix, etc.. I too started to think that I actually loved the Matrix as well. I started pretending that I was like all the other fans too, reading up the Matrix philosophy articles and making promises that I would definitely be there opening night. Then I reminded myself about the Phantom Menace and how I went through the exact same thing. I had seen the first three Star Wars movies as a child, and I remember them being cool, and I remember reading some of the books and stuff, but I don't remember the movie being an amazing awesome feat of cinema. I remember enjoying the fantasy stuff, but I don't remember it having the same story-telling quality and emotional gravity of other great movies, like the Godfatha. Fast forward to the end of High School when Phantom Menace comes out and I'm thinking, like everybody else, that somehow Star Wars touched my childhood when it didn't really. Then the movie came out, and it sucked. So, in other words, I'm going to lower down my expectations for this new Matrix because I don't want it to suck for me as well. Ironically, this is only going to heighten my experience of the Matrix Reloaded, and as a result, shows that I have an even deeper affection for the movie. Damn.

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