Digestive Capabilities of the Great Consciousness

by phil on Monday May 12, 2003 11:07 PM

Wow. Guess what guys? Did you know that we just had a war? We also spent, I think it was 9 months complaining about it, even having the world's largest protests. Oh, I remember faintly that the Administration's reason for going was for Weapons of Mass Destruction. And in funny Sartrian, reverse perscribing fashion, they changed their "reason" from WMD to the liberation of 24 million Iraqis. Oh yeah, and somewhere before, like in the later part of 2001, some big buildings in New York were blasted by some guy.

Okay, end of sarcasm. What I'm trying to say is I'm surprised, lately, at just how quickly the public can digest news and move on to the next thing. This New York Times Blair Liar thing, IMHO, is not really that important. Out of the thousands of editors at NYT over its history, one's bound to be an pathological outLIAR. Whoops.

What's amazing is that this is getting so much press. One of the unintended effects of the media overhyping is that it exhausts topics quickly, and in order to maintain ratings expectations, it over-blows and inflates minor topics. Just the other day, I remember there was all this attention on the fact that Bennett gambled. I had never even heard of Bennett until I found out that he gambled. So what if the virtuous man also has a single vice? Nobody's an angel. This is not news kids.

I wonder what the extreme of this is like. Everybody will get their 15 minutes of fame AND a free exorcism by the public. Fun!

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