Movie Idea

by phil on Monday May 12, 2003 8:09 AM

If there are any film script writers out there, I have an idea for a movie. Make a mix between Alice in Wonderland and Tommy.

For those not familiar with the movie Tommy yet, here's a short synopsis. A young Tommy becomes psychosomatically blind, deaf, and mute upon witnessing his real father being killed by his stepfather. What proceeds is a strange journey of stumbling through life. He gets abused by perverts and his parents suggest numerous quacks (Jack Nicholson) to help him. Eventually, he is cured spontaneously, and becomes a sort of messiah figure.

I think it would be cool to make an inverted Tommy film and throw it some Alice in Wonderland stuff. First we start with someone who is born blind, deaf, and dumb. Her parents claim to be frustrated because of their child but are really frustrated about themselves.... Alice is apparently happy the way she is. Fortunately, or unfortunately, because it's the 21st Century, the parents are able to rush their kid around from doctor to doctor until they eventually cure her disabilities. Unfortunately, as she goes through life, she starts to realize that the world is not as great of a place as she imagined it would be when she was unaware. She stumbles upon calamity after calamity, a la Alice in Wonderland. You can update the characters to represent many faults, such as hypocrisy of both the pro-war, and anti-war movements or disillusionment with modern technology. Etc. Until eventually, Alice gets so upset that she maims herself blind, deaf, and dumb because she can't take the world anymore.

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