The Tautrix Revisited

by phil on Sunday May 4, 2003 5:02 PM
Tautrix, religion creation, secular religion

It's been about a month since I invented The Tautrix. The Tautrix is my spiritual glue, my religious fix. In the first week after I made it up, I was excited making the signs and invoking the various Principhers. My initial excitement tapered off afterwards. Recently, though, I found myself in a pretty deep emotional hole, and I couldn't dig myself out with my general thought processes. I then invoked my Tautrix stuff, and voila, I was immediately set. So, the conclusion, these mental drugs and spiritual invocations do have a positive effect on you if used correctly.

Is there a problem? Don't worry, X will take care of it.
Worried in general? Y ensures that everything works out in the end.
Need advice? Consult Z and he'll give you the answer.

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