Cataloging Emotions

by phil on Tuesday Jun 3, 2003 3:11 PM

Standard Organization, Aristotle, Long Laundry List of Emotions, Another List, How many are there.

As part of our Peer Counseling retreat in high school we had this group lecture us on anger management techniques. Basically this involved the agitatee and/or the agitator become aware or make explicit how they "feel." i.e. instead of punching somebody in the face, the angry man should make himself or others aware that he was hurt or that what the other person says makes him angry. This process, I think, civilizes an emotion by putting it out in the open. It's like turning on a flash light on a ghost... once you do that, it becomes transparent and is no longer haunting. Plus, this begins a process of empathy by making others aware of how one feels. And empathy is the foundation of civility, civility the foundation of safety, and saftey the foundation of avoiding jailtime due to combustible rages.

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