January 1, 2002 (On Marriage.txt)

by phil on Thursday Jun 12, 2003 7:34 PM
marriage, religion_old

Is marriage a little bit of an atavism these days? Yesterday, I saw Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, the "Mayor of America" making out with his mistress on national TV as the clock struck midnight. How ironic is that? The symbol of our new year, decade, century, millenium is the mayor with the fumbling divorce, prostate cancer, and domestic company with gay men. Oh, did I mention that he's the most celebrated and loved "Person of the Year" in America right now. This was the man that the terrorists were after, this symbol. And if most "conservatives", when confronted with those same small details but in a different person, a different mayor, would not this man be frowned upon.

Death to the conservatives then, because this is the new age. What is marriage afterall? Chattel slavery for women [and men] mind you, as my philosophy professor, Lanier Anderson put it. Maybe, could be, by God it is! I mean, why should you have a pact that binds you to "love" somebody, that's the most insane contradiction. Isn't the greatest love free? I mean, look at its converse. The love that the 16 year old Nazi youth seargent has for Hitler. The love that the middle-management yes-man has to the all-powerful CEO. The love that a child has to the angry mother who in a rage, forces the child to obsequesce. The love that is free, the love that nature gave us, is far more valuable.

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