November 9th, 2001

by phil on Wednesday Jun 11, 2003 1:12 AM

Umm, the best systems are no systems.

When you're sitting at ETL, you start to think, there's a pattern, they always seem tolack some over-arching plan. IT seems, their only plan is rules are meant to be broken, that's how they did it best, no I worked this route. Most of THAT has seemed to fail. Why is Tony Robbins only @ the same level?

On systems? Duh, those humans who just walk in whip ass, because A the human is a limited device, we are more or less the same in our limitations, all knowledge that is out there as is measured by our understanding when in actually is in the hands of these individuals, no one can fairly know quantitatively more than a lot of people, somebody can always come around, we're always perceiving and receiving, and we craete complex systems that change very instantly, that we are designed to react properly to this changing environment, because we don't have faith in that, we rely on these systems and paths.

One) that on your deathbed, all that precedes you is your past, all that you must accept is what you have done, up to that point you have done what you have done, most optimal decision for you is to accept your past, to love it, even cherish it, even if you were a mass murderer or you were on top, there's no more optimal solution for you.

Two) What can we do? We live. We are solid units that in simple terms live, and then die. How we live, is our choosing, that we live and die is not ours. (* though could change in future). As a result, we want to live, best? not worst? Even if living the worst, turned out to be the best, we'd live that worst to make the best? Or would we want the worst? Why? Because that was the best to us. Being the opposite, would also be the optimal, that'd be the best.

Three) If you are alawys seeking the best, consciously, even consciously seeking in an unconcious manner, than you should be completely satisfied with your conscious, the main constitution of your self.

Four) Your best, or to achieve the best, there's no other way you could have done it given a recurrence, and as a result, that is all you'll ever be, is that maximization that you seek, and so you should be completely satisfied with yourself, your responses, basically everything that constitutes your living volition

Five) You die now, and your future is your life. There are multiple selves of you that you could die into, and you'd want to die on the best possible one. If you are going, in your future, to seek the best, then you can be satsified with yourself because that is your best possible vantage point of reflection.

Six) As a result, you must always be satsified with yourself and how you will perform as long as you know that you will make the best.

Seven) If you're not going to live the good life, then, you mustn't be satsfied with yourself.

Eight) We are condemed to living so, because once we recognize this, you can then see that you will tomorrow, try your best to try your best, and that even if you forget to, that you did try your best to try your best, and that's worthy of satsifaction.

Nine) You won't need a system, to see the future too deeply, know what people are thinking about you, what x-y-z truly mean, given a plurality of situations, you will be maximizing.

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