by phil on Wednesday Jun 25, 2003 6:35 PM

a guy walks into the bar.

No, so, I'm sitting in the library, you know, minding my own business. I lean back, do a yawn thing, glance the scene see if there's anybody I know. Well, at 8 O'Clock, I glanced and saw this adonis....

side note: remember fight club? remember the blond guy who Ed Norton beat the shit out because he wanted to destroy something beautiful, well, this person is like that.

... He/she has very thin blond hair that hangs around the side, either like a short woman's haircut or a man with long hair. It's very shiny and almost white. Well I couldn't tell whether this person was a man or not. He/she was behind a computer screen so I could only see his/her face and that his/her legs were crossed. Now, I can't just glance over, he's not in my 135 degrees field of vision. I don't want to lean back and creak my neck to catch a glance either, cuz, if it's a guy, then I'm checking out a guy, not cool.

dilemmas, dilemmas

UPDATE: I did manage to glance. Somebody walked into the rear door so that's an excuse to turn your head, I couldn't fixate too long, but I catched the very hairy leg-hair, an instant mark of the manbeast. I'm done, and killing time.

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