What is the Matrix (The Movie)?

by phil on Sunday Jun 8, 2003 3:33 PM

What is the Matrix?
No, dude, What is the Matrix?

The Matrix Trilogy is a another control program written by the Machines at Hollywood. Hollywood depends on its consumers for survival so they created the Matrix. The first generation Matrix involved a paradise of black-and-white films, and later evolved into the Golden Age with films such as The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough and so it took newer, more intuitive directors to come up with films with an illusion of meaning and purpose. The current matrix of crappy movies satisfies 99% of the people out there. The other 1% are constantly trying to escape. They've resigned themselves to virus-writing, hacking, phreaking, and all other nonsense. It is these 1% that are destroying the Matrix. So, the Architects at Hollywood created the sci-fi mega-verse, or a series of Zions to parallel successive generations of the Matrix. These films are designed to suck in the intellectual nerds into repetitive tasks of fan-fiction, forum-posting, trailer-surfing, and of course, movie-watching. All of this is designed to feed one purpose, that of providing fuel to the Hollywood Machine. Ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly, we have had Star Was, Lord of the Rings, and now, The Matrix Trilogy.

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