American Schmeauty

by phil on Tuesday Jul 8, 2003 11:57 PM

Hmm, in reflection, the Fight Club, Adaptation, and American Beauty "do what you love" or "let the chips fall where they may" or "f--- the institution" solutions don't seem to be that tantalizing, if you would even call them solutions.

They're dead-on with the social criticism, but the actions of their heroes are very suspect upon a semi-serious analysis.

Fight Club? What, beating ourselves up, blackmailing corporate america, renegade terrorism? Mmmn, first, not everybody has the potential to just blackmail corporate america, it's not that easy. Okay, and maybe beating ourselves up and renegage terrorism are just metaphors or an example of the consequences of our society... but still... it glorifies this. Like when Tyler Dyrden snips XXX clips at the local theater, it's mentioned with a certain cavalier, and I bet you thought it was "cool" too.

Adaptation? What, start smoking strange plants, have an affair behind your current husband, and appear on a porn site? This is precisely the kind of stuff that conservatives make fun of liberals for glorifying.

American Beauty? Blackmailing and just living off your hard-working wife for a year? As if they owed you something for the injustice that was incurred on you. And I think working at Burger King would get REALLY old really fast, despite how much lack of responsibility it is. Also, falling in love with a pubescent chick... ALSO not cool...

Funny, these are some of my favorite movies. BUT STILL!

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