Grammatical Ambiguity

by phil on Wednesday Jul 9, 2003 12:30 AM

"Lakers agree to deal with Payton"
as either
a) Lakers agree to [a] deal with Payton.
b) Lakers agree to [put up] with Payton.

PS, it appears that Kobe has bitchslapped some girl so as to increase his "street cred." this is esp. warranted given that he got 1/2 the amount of endorsement that Lebron got ($90M). and Kobe's already got multiple titles, even consecutive ones to his name...

guess it hurts him that he speaks Italian fluently and never committed a crime (I think). That and the fact that he's a PANSY at times... whininng about LA perks that he should be getting, or conveniently disappearing when Shaq gets the MVP instead of him.

My thought is that Jordan'd man up and support his teammate in those situations, and wouldn't wine about crap. + I still haven't really fallen in love with Kobe's hair styles, ever.

now Jordan's? or rather his lack of, that's smooth. Jordan w/ the goatee, even better. Jordan w/ hair, knid of looks raw, on the edge. Kobe, looks like a clown.

NOW, keep in mind that I don't watch Basketball, ever. Except this one time I remember in one of the NBA finals, Jordan was walking past the 3 point line, away from a basket in disgust, and just tossed the ball behind him and it went it... and the crowd went nuts... yeah... that was back in like...mmmn... middle school?

damn, too much posting after a really long post is not good because there was a good one down below that I wanted ppl to see.

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