Questions RE: free will:

by phil on Monday Jul 14, 2003 10:58 PM
determinism debate, free will debate

Does having your "choices" pre-determined deny you free will?
Is free will just a matter of having at least one option to choose from?
Does determinism make free will nonexistent?
Why/how should indeterminism make free will existent?
Do animals have free will and what's the difference between them and humans?
Does your definition of free imply that all humans have free will or can some have and some not?
If so, how does one get free will?
Does your free will allow you to surrender your free will?
Does somebody have free will if they have no power?
If the future is precisely known somewhere out there, do you still have free will?
Why do we have free will?
Should we have free will?
Does it matter whether we do or do not have free will?
How should the knowledge about the existence of free will affect our lives?
Could machines ever have free will?
Does free will require consciousness?
If so, why?

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